How Game of Thrones Season 8 will end

The 3-eyed raven cannot die until he passes his powers over to another seer and warg. As he grew old and his muscles weakened, he got attached and became one with a weirwood tree. The moment his training with Bran completed, it was time for him to leave the world and Bran becomes the new 3-eyed raven.

The Night’s King is like the 3-eyed raven. He won’t die without passing his powers to another. In the battle of Hardhome the Night King looked at Jon as if he knew him. In one season he saw Samwell Tarly and just looked at him too. Both Jon and Sam he left them alive.

The 7th season will end up with the wall destroyed. And that will be the springboard for season 8 next year.

Season 8 will be a war of epic proportions. But contrary to what most of us think, it isn’t going to be a war to end the existence of The Others or of The humans.

Season 8 is the war to end the long winter, yes. But it is going to be the war that culminates the Night King’s search for his successor.

The humans will be overwhelmed by the army of the undead. Believing Melissandre’s prophecy that he is the one chosen by the Lord of Light to end the war with the new Lightbringer sword Jon Snow who now is the lover of Daenyrys will try to sacrifice Daeneyrys by stabbing her to her heart with his Valyrian Steel Sword, the sword that Samwell stole from his father.

The steel sword becomes the new Lightbringer.

Daenyrys’ death will seem to become futile. And Jon and the remaining humans will soon find that The Others cannot be defeated. Not even with the fiery new Lighbringer soaked in Daenyrys’ blood.

Jon Snow will have a word with The Night King.

In the end Jon Snow will die yet again. But this time he will come back as the King of the Undead. He will become the new Night King. And the current Night King, beleaguered and tired of his seemingly immortal life can now take the rest he wanted to have ever so badly.

The war will end. And Jon Snow becoming the new Night King will broker peace with the humans.

The season 8 will reveal that Samwell Tarly is now married to Gilly, the Free Folk and daughter of Craster. The final season will reveal that Samwell Tarly was narrating the entire GOT story to the Gilly’s son who has grown up to be a fine young man.

The Iron Throne of the 7 Kingdoms is now empty. Kings Landing is no more but a memory of a terrible tragedy of human greed.

Westeros is now back to what it has been – an island of several kingdoms ruled by different lords. Westeros is back to what it was before the dragon-flying Targaryens first landed in Dragonstone.

What about you? How do you think this popular HBO series will end?


Managing your money 101

When I started working for one of the biggest bakery franchising company in the Philippines back in my younger years, I was getting a measly sum of money as salary.

So, to make ends meet, I would save from my food and transportation. I also stayed with some friends who lived near my office. That saved me from having to pay for fare going to work everyday.

My breakfast would typically be some bread from the R&D (they always bake breads there). For lunch I would only spend around P7 – P10. Imagine that?

Yeap. I would pay P4 for utan bisaya (a mix of leafy vegetables and root crops cooked with tons of water as soup) and half rice for P3. Sometimes, when I felt like I had the money, I would buy some of those tiny fried chicken legs for P8 and rice for P5. And if it was salary day, I could buy food from our canteen and would spend some P20-P30.

That worked for me. I was skinny. And I felt light and nimble. After all, my diet was leaning towards vegetables, some portioned meat, and portioned rice. And not just that…

With a net salary of P1900 – P2100 per cut-off (around $76-$88 a month) I was able to loan money without interest, of course, to a workmate who gets paid P20,000 per month! Imagine that? I was also able to loan money to my other workmates (again, no interest, of course).

My experience taught me that it isn’t really the money that you are getting that matters. It’s the money that you spend that will help you manage your finances. #managingmoney101

The dream that wasn’t mine

Right after graduation, when I was yet 21 and jobless, my mom pressured me to get any available job in Ormoc City.

I am just a typical provincial lass from our beautiful and serene town called Baybay Leyte. I just wanted to be someone who can be smart enough to be working in the corner office in one of the big corporate offices in Metro Manila.That was my dream.

Little did I know that my mom had another dream for me.

“Anna. You should work in Gaisano Ormoc. You are pretty, fair-skinned, tall. You can definitely pass as a salesgirl.”, She would say.

“Anna. There is an appliance store in Ormoc looking for salesgirls. You should apply. You are pretty, fair-skinned, tall. You will definitely pass as a sales girl!”

Of course, I felt like “Damn. I did not hurdle the mountains of the Visayas State University and passed the exams of our terror professors just so I can be called pretty, tall, and fair-skinned. Not from my mom. Not from anyone else.”

But of course my mom was such a good sales person. She convinced me to apply as a salesgirl in that appliance store in Ormoc not because she called me pretty, tall, and fair-skinned. It was because she made me feel like I’m such one big bum!

She even convinced me to wear lipstick. Oh boy. I trembled the first time I applied those red coloured mess on my lips by myself. Haha. Did I not say I was just the typical provincial lass who was too shy to put on any make up?

Of course, I aced the test that the appliance store gave to all their applicants. Their manager even went to our house to talk to me about managing their new store that they will open in another town. At 21 years old! I got scared. Wow!

Yep. I was overqualified for the salesgirl post, he said. I was like “Yeah. My mom’s dream for me. Not my dream.”

Haha! I love you mom!

I did not become the Gaisano salesgirl you wanted me to become. And I did not work in that appliance store you wanted so badly for me. But it was good experience for me. 🙂

The myth that caused people to grow obese

I can see a lot of working adults who are are big. It’s like if you are busy at work you are expected to grow big.

It happens in my line of work too. I can see a lot of managers managing stressful call center operations growing obese. It’s like if you are managing the operations of a call center company, you are expected to be big. I was one of them.

I can totally understand the phenomenon. Managing work targets, clients, and tons of people in the BPO industry here in the Philippines can really make you stay in your workstations too long, that you become less mobile, and you end up getting obese.

The work stress can also cause you to eat a lot, too much, and eat the wrong kind of food – chips, cheeseburgers, chocolates, ice cream, fried chicken, pasta, pizza – all the good stuff, yes, just name it.

My before and after photos when I started my healthy weight loss journey in June 2014 and my photo 1 year later.

Growing up we are wired to think that when you become an adult and when you reach a certain age, you will grow big no matter what you do. “It’s the hormones”, they say. “It’s your metabolism going slower the more you age!”, others say. “It’s just nature”, others would even shrug and just accept it as a natural phenomenon.

And yes. I believed them.

Believed. That’s the nominative word. It’s past tense. I don’t believe it anymore.

Some of my new friends think I am way younger than my age. Some of my older friends think that I look way younger than I am supposed to.

One of my favorite salads. Pineapples, strawberries, and pears mixed together with slices of eggs on top. 

It’s crazy and their remarks inspire me.

I started understanding my body and how food and exercise affects my health. And yes! I got out from being obese. And I got out of it naturally.

From peaking at 180 lbs all packed in my 5 ft and 3 inches frame, I got rid of all those unwanted weight – 52 lbs shed off in just one year.

It’s been 3 years since I started the journey. I am now in the weight range of 125 lbs to 128 lbs. I have maintained the habit and the new me.

My most recent pic, April 23, 2017.

I am not stopping the healthy lifestyle anytime soon. Obviously I am not a size 0 nor am I a size 2. But I am on my healthy weight range. I am a work in progress too. After all, time doesn’t stop and so do I.

3 easy weight loss hacks to keep you slim and healthy

How many times have you seen your Facebook news-feed cluttered with social networking trends? How many times did you wish that the trend be over?

How many times did you find yourself so relieved that the trend is over only to find out that a new trend has started?

How many times did you lose some weight and then gain it back and more?

The problem with following fads is that you lose the interest once the fad fizzles. It happens in fashion. It happens in music.

It happens in weight loss journeys.

If this is happening to you, know that you are not an exemption. Other people are struggling to keep that weight off just like you. It happened to me too.

But I got out of my obesity. And for two years now, the weight has not come back!


  • Without struggling.
  • Without depriving myself of food that I like.
  • Without spending excessive money on weight loss diet gimmickry.

Here are 3 easy weight loss hacks you can use to remove those unwanted weight fast.

1.  Visualize the results. Start with visualizing how you would like yourself to look. Post a photo in front of your workstation or on your refrigerator at home of someone with the figure you like to emulate. Yes. It helps when you actually have someone to inspire you – a workout coach,  a celebrity, or the photo of your once slim and sexy self – anyone that can inspire you to keep your unwanted weight off.

Make a daily habit out of looking at the photo. Soon, you will be pleasantly surprised that you have become more inspired to be the person you want to be.

2.  Time doesn’t stop and so should you. Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day. Remind yourself that time doesn’t stop. Either you continue to grow bigger or you continue shedding off the excess weight. Your choice.

Understand that you face different kinds of challenges as you go on with your journey. Your favorite food in front of you. Ice cream. Chocolates. Bacon. Hot milk. Cheese. Your favorite Bondi & Bourke Beef Burger.

At times you will feel lazy. You don’t want to exercise. You don’t want to walk and run. You don’t want to get out of the bed.

That’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day. Start again. Do not stop. After all, time doesn’t stop and so should you.

bondi and bourke

A photo of a Bondi & Bourke Beef Burger I had today from the Australian restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines. 


3.  Eat 6x a day. Binge-eating is no fun. You eat less hoping to curb your calorie intake, only to eat more calories than what you should be taking for the entire day. Binge-eating can make you grow bigger, even! Oh. No fun. I was a victim of that too, but I found a way to get away of binge-eating.

How did I get out of the cycle? By spreading my meals all throughout the day!

Spread your calorie intake throughout the day. Make your digestive system spend more calories and work your body for you by spreading your food throughout the entire day.  Have breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, mid-day snack, dinner, and evening snack. By spreading your meals all throughout the day, you won’t feel too hungry, and you prevent binge eating.


Do you want to lose the stubborn fat? Do you want to finally wear the clothes you like? Do you want to still be able to eat your favorite food (at times) without worrying about gaining the fat?

Do you want to know how Asians keep their bodies slimmer?

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How fat makes you lose weight fast

You heard it. Time and time again you hear weight loss preachers tell you to remove fat from your diet. Fat makes you fat, so they say.

Time to bust the myth!

From being obese class 1 at 180 lbs packed in my 5 ft and 3in frame, I successfully trimmed down to 127 lbs. I lost all the 52 lbs of unhealthy fat in 11 months!

The 38.5 in waistline is gone. The 43 in abdomen is gone. From size 3xl I can now wear size small clothes again. Sweet!

Fat in fact makes you lose weight. And I am a result of that myth getting busted. Let me share to you 3 reasons why fat makes you lose weight. And yes, fat makes you lose weight the healthy way.

1 – Fat makes you want to eat less

The biggest chunk of nutrients that from the food we eat come from the macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Of these macronutrients, fat contains the highest amount of energy. Fat contains 9 calories of energy per gram while carbohydrates and proteins only contain 4 calories.

This high-energy fat takes the longest time to digest compared to the other macronutrients. It stays longer in your body making you feel full longer.



Healthy fat leaves you feeling satiated and full. When this happens, your brain tells your appetite hormones to back off.

When I started putting 10 g of unsalted Anchor Butter on my cup of morning coffee, the portions of my breakfast have cut down.  My cravings for eating snacks in between meals have stopped too. Effortlessly.

2 – Fat gives you more energy to burn more calories

Did you know that the subcutaneous fat, the fat stored around your belly, butt, and thighs, needs dietary fat to be burned efficiently?  The dietary fat do this by activating the PPAR-alpha and the path-burning mechanisms through the liver. When you eat the right type and amount of fat, you are in fact helping your body shape your waistline!


Image Source:,,20477647,00.html

Dietary fat is a wonder. It gives you more energy to move your body and burn more calories. In fact, it makes your body burn fat faster than the other macro-nutrients can do. With more energy to burn while feeling full longer, you can go on with your day much longer without to fight off unnecessary urge to keep on eating.

3 – Eating fat makes you happy

Our brains are wired to detect the taste and feel of dietary fat. So when we are eating low-fat food, it does not give us the same satiety as when we eat fat. But when we eat the right amount of fat, our brain activates the serotonin hormones boosting our happy mood.

Food which satiates us triggers happy hormones. Even better, when we are in our best mood, we don’t feel the urge to eat. And binge-eating is prevented.


If you want to know more what type of fat you should eat to keep the flab away from your belly, visit me here: The Asian Diet Secret.

The Asian Diet Secret is the 67 page e-book I wrote to chronicle what I did to transform myself from one who suffered the brunt of obesity to one who is now living in a healthy life in my healthier 127-lbs self.

  • No starving
  • No pills
  • No supplements
  • No excessive sweaty exercise
  • No fat-burners
  • YES! You can still eat the food you love!

The Asian Diet Secret could be the best gift you could give yourself for your healthy weight loss journey.

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How this diet secret can boost your confidence

I always like singing. Growing up, I used to lock myself in my room and just jam to the songs of Bee Gees, The Platters, and Sue Thomson. I sang to the top of my lungs. I didn’t care. Those songs were music to my ears.

But I stopped singing when one day, when I was 10 or 11, while singing a Bee Gees song, my father yelled “Hey Anna! Are you reciting a poem or what?”

Wow! I bet my dad was being playful. But that did not turn out right. It literally took the confidence out of me. I stopped singing. I thought, “Oh well. I obviously can’t carry a tune. If my dad thinks I can’t sing, I’d better stop singing.”

The truth is I didn’t stop singing. You bet, you can’t take away singing from someone who loves it. But I never dared sing alone in public. I kept my singing in my room or in the bathroom.

I joined the choir only because it helped me with my academics in high school. But I always had this lingering thought that I cannot carry a tune. So when I’m with the choir, I try to lower my voice so that mine would just blend and wouldn’t even matter.

I also wouldn’t sing in karaoke sessions. It is kind of a letdown because, karaoke hours are a regular past time here in the Philippines. I can sing a line or two, but heck, I would not dare sing a complete song. If I would, I would have nightmares of it. I just didn’t have the confidence.

My confidence level diminished further when I started to grow bigger and bigger. I thought I wouldn’t stop ballooning.

I became sickly. My woman cycle lost its rhythm. I had regular bouts of nightly heartburn and daily allergic rhinitis attacks. I felt physically drained.

The bullies got through me. And the ugly names they gave me during those years of being obese stuck in my head. I couldn’t shake those names off. I thought I was truly the person those bullies called me. And despite me telling I am okay and that I am more than the shell of the body which encased who I truly was, I felt downright rejected. And I felt horrible! Ouch! It hurts.

This weekend, I found myself at the end of the spectrum. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw a glimpse of confidence I did not see before.


This is me now, hanging out with my little sis, one fine Saturday night

Hey. I can no longer see the 180 lbs obese woman those bullies called a sea cow. I can no longer see that obese woman the bullies called pig. I can no longer see that obese woman those bullies called whale.

I am now looking at a happy and confident woman who successfully went from 180 lbs to 127 lbs within months. I am now looking at a healthy me without my obesity related sickness. And this I did by simply tapping on the Asian diet secret that was just right there in front of me all along!

This weekend, I did not just sing. I even recorded the songs on video. Talk about confidence level. Lol.

“Did I do this really, or what?”

It was a fun weekend. I enjoyed driving around the metro with our youngest sibling. And I enjoyed singing with her. I didn’t care if I could not carry a tune. All I cared about is I am happy singing and I’m happy singing because I love singing. After all, I am not competing against Taylor Swift, right?

This Asian diet secret which I conveniently ignored, turned out to be the greatest gift I embraced for myself. Without starving myself. Without taking diet pills. Without taking diet drinks. Without subjecting myself to diet gimmickry.

I shed off more than 52 lbs from my body. My friends could not even recognize me from the old me. And they too are happy about my transformation that they made me their own healthy weight loss inspiration.

I got inspired by their inquiries and their desire to live a healthy life too. They inspired me to write an e-book about how I got rid of my unnecessary obesity.

The Asian Diet Secret which unlocks for you Asia’s ancient secret to a healthy and slim body is already out. Here I outlined exactly what I did to successfully get my healthy life back – the exact 4-step blueprint that I used to lose 52 pounds of weight in 11 months.

  • No starving
  • No pills
  • No supplements
  • No excessive sweaty exercise
  • No fat-burners
  • YES! You can still eat the food you love!

By the way, my publisher agreed to make the healthy weight loss journey a no-brainer for you. You can test drive the Asian Diet Secret system for 60 days, risk-free. You have absolutely nothing to lose – except of course those unnecessary bulges.

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Looking forward to hear your healthy weight loss story soon.