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Playing sports is healthy

What a truly pleasant and activity-filled day it is today.  I am exhausted and happy.

The workout at the gym was the most intense workout I had yet.  It was 30-minutes of glute-targeted exercises alternating with hydraulic weights for a total body workout.   The wall squats were the most difficult at this point but I got through with it just fine.   I’m excited to do more of these exercises at least 3x a week.


My favorite part when working out is the stretching. The 15-second stretching on each of the stations of the stretching circuit makes me sweat real good.  I can also feel my muscles shaping and strengthening.

I also participated in the launching of an energy drink.  Turns out that the Live To Feel activity I joined last Saturday was just a prelude to launch an energy drink.  I got 2 of the drinks after I joined their games.  The 500-ml drink contains 150 calories. Not exactly very healthy but can be a good indulgence once in a while and should be taken in moderation.  I prefer to drink water.  Water has zero calories and it quenches my thirst. Plus, water is definitely healthy.  That said I gave the other bottle to some of my friends.


I went out with a friend and had lunch in My Thai.  I had sauteed water spinach topped with grilled pork for my lunch. Healthy and good food. I love it.

We played bowling in thePaeng Nepomuceno bowling center in the 4th level of Eastwood City Walk mall.  It was good fun. The last time I played bowling was back in 2003 when I was still working as a Trainer in a bakery franchise company. 12 years down the line, I still had it.  I won the game today. Fun!


Another good news.  I dropped another 4 lbs from the last weigh in.  I was 143 lbs last February 17 and today, I weigh 139 lbs.  How amazing eating right and exercising right can be.  I already lost 41 lbs since I started working out in June 2014.

I bought 20 pcs of 10-g Anchor unsalted butter at the mall too.  Anchor unsalted butter is good. From grass-fed cows of New Zealand comes this healthy butter that gives me good fat.  Good fat is good as it gives my body the feeling of being full.   Helps me with my weight loss  too.

I just discovered this knowledge just last week and I am now putting this butter in my coffee. I do this once a day and I feel full.   My breakfast usually is black coffee with zero sugar and a piece of small apple.   Sometimes, I have 2pcs of small pandesal and black coffee with zero sugar.  Since last week, I would always put a teaspoon of Cadia Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in my black coffee. VCO is good fat.   The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase 24 hour energy expenditure by as much as 5%. This increases metabolism and sharpens the brain too.

Since I started putting VCO in my coffee, I don’t get hungry fast.  Whereas before,  3 hours after breakfast I already need to eat another apple or a piece of banana,  now I don’t have to eat anything until my lunch time.   I get to focus on my work without being disturbed by a need to eat.

Starting last week too,  I have changed my lunch to 2 pieces of boiled sweet potato and 2 pieces of small boiled organic free-range egg. It is filling and taste very good.

I snack with a small square of 82% cocoa dark chocolate which has around 50 calories only.  Tastes good and bitter with just a tiny bit of sweetness. I also snack with a piece of apple or a piece of banana.

Then my dinner usually happens before 7PM with fish or chicken or pork or beef.  Good protein in the evening is good especially that my workout usually happens after work.  I always end the meal of a piece of small apple, or a piece of banana, or a slice of water melon, or a cup of ripe fresh papaya cubes.

My healthy weight loss continues. I should reach my target of 125 lbs by May 2015. I’m so excited for the beach.

I am happy.




How I lose weight the healthy way

This was me in May 2014.  At 5’3″, I weighed 180lbs.  I was class 1 obese. I looked happy, but I was unhealthy.


I also had to battle my weight gain.  It just seems that there was no stopping about me growing bigger month-on-month.  I tried eating 3pcs of crackers and coffee only for lunch.  But my cravings would only grow and I would end up eating a lot during dinner.  I tried starving.  I became bulimic. Yet, I continued to grow bigger.

Then in June 2014, I decided it was time to try a different approach.

I learned about the concept of calories and balanced diet.  I learned that our body grows or shrink based on how much calories we take in.  The idea is to take less calories than what my body was accustomed to taking and to burn more calories than I what I used to do.

I enrolled to the gym.  I changed my food intake.  I started to keep on eating. Oh, yes, I just kept on eating at least 6 times a day.  However, I started to eat real food only.

I stopped going to fastfood restaurants. I stopped eating food with high sodium content. I stopped drinking processed juices and iced teas.  I stopped drinking soda. I stopped eating rice.  Haha. Not eating rice was difficult for me in the beginning.  Being Asian,  rice is a staple.  However, I just thought of not eating rice for 1 day. And I made it.  I again decided to not eat rice on the second day, on the 3rd day, on the 4th day, until it just became a habit.

No, rice is not bad. However, rice has enzymes that makes you crave for more when you eat it. Thus, when you eat rice, you tend to eat more causing you to take in more calorie than what your body actually needs.

I stopped eating processed food.  No more ham, beef loaf, vienna sausage, deli sausauge, hotdog, bacon, tocino, tapa, and just about anything that’s processed.  No more milk and no more cheese.

Any food that’s not real is out of my list. I eat fish, beef, pork, chicken, as long as they are not processed.  I eat vegetables and fruits a lot too.   I drink coffee without sugar and I drink organic green tea too.  Of course, I drink lots and lots of water. In fact, I make it a point to drink at least 2 liters of water per day on a minimum. Water is good. It has zero calories and it washes away toxins out of the body.

I exercise regularly too. I walk and jog at least for 30 minutes to 1 hour 3x a week.  I also workout in the gym at least 3x a week, 30-minutes each time.  I make it a point to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night too. Sleep is very important.

This is my picture below, taken 2 days ago in The Wholesome Table at Bonifacio Global City.


The results is amazing. From 180 lbs I am now down to 141 lbs. I feel healthier and more alive.

My weight loss continues. My goal is to maintain my weight at 127 lbs – 133 lbs by May 2015.  With my current weight loss trend, this is definitely achievable. I just need to continue eating real food. Just keep on eating and exercising.

This is my journey. This is my story.

The change that happened

In June 2014,  my weight peaked at 180 lbs. My 5ft and 3in frame was screaming bulges all over. I always looked like I was 5 months pregnant.  I was class 1 obese and unhealthy. I was insecure of myself.  I was bullied for it.


I knew how to pretend that I wasn’t affected.  I knew how to smile and laugh despite the hurt. I always thought that my body is just a shell. I was more than that container of a body.  I was more than how others looked at me.

But the truth is, despite what I thought about myself, I was still unhealthy.  I suffered from a nightly attack of heartburn during sleep.   Sleep was a difficult part of my daily routine.   I snored loud too.  I would always wake up from sleep because I hear myself snore.

I always had allergic rhinitis.  The attacks would happen almost thrice a week.  It would often get worse and escalate to flu.  My woman cycle was just as bad.  The worst came when in one year, I only had 4 visits.  The last one lasted for almost a month of heavy flow.  I was confined in the hospital for it.    It was terrible.

June 2014 was the starting point of my lifestyle change.  I knew that if I wanted to be healthy, I had to love myself.  And so I did.

This is me today.  I have lost a total of 39 lbs (17.72 kgs) over the course of 8 months.


My weight loss journey was one that was fun, exciting, and real.  There was no crash diet. No taking of diet pills or diet fruits or diet tea.  It was all about lifestyle change.

Gone are the nights of heartburn.  Gone are the nights of loud and terrible snores.  Gone are the allergic rhinitis attacks.  My woman cycle is now normal, monthly, and regular.  Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, I am no longer overweight as my recommended weight is 104.4 lbs – 141.1 lbs. No wonder I feel stronger. I am healthier.  I am happier.

My goal is to maintain a weight range of 127 – 133 lbs by May 2015.   This target is based on the Miller and the Robinson formula (

This is my journey. This is my healthy journey.  And this is my story.