The change that happened

In June 2014,  my weight peaked at 180 lbs. My 5ft and 3in frame was screaming bulges all over. I always looked like I was 5 months pregnant.  I was class 1 obese and unhealthy. I was insecure of myself.  I was bullied for it.


I knew how to pretend that I wasn’t affected.  I knew how to smile and laugh despite the hurt. I always thought that my body is just a shell. I was more than that container of a body.  I was more than how others looked at me.

But the truth is, despite what I thought about myself, I was still unhealthy.  I suffered from a nightly attack of heartburn during sleep.   Sleep was a difficult part of my daily routine.   I snored loud too.  I would always wake up from sleep because I hear myself snore.

I always had allergic rhinitis.  The attacks would happen almost thrice a week.  It would often get worse and escalate to flu.  My woman cycle was just as bad.  The worst came when in one year, I only had 4 visits.  The last one lasted for almost a month of heavy flow.  I was confined in the hospital for it.    It was terrible.

June 2014 was the starting point of my lifestyle change.  I knew that if I wanted to be healthy, I had to love myself.  And so I did.

This is me today.  I have lost a total of 39 lbs (17.72 kgs) over the course of 8 months.


My weight loss journey was one that was fun, exciting, and real.  There was no crash diet. No taking of diet pills or diet fruits or diet tea.  It was all about lifestyle change.

Gone are the nights of heartburn.  Gone are the nights of loud and terrible snores.  Gone are the allergic rhinitis attacks.  My woman cycle is now normal, monthly, and regular.  Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, I am no longer overweight as my recommended weight is 104.4 lbs – 141.1 lbs. No wonder I feel stronger. I am healthier.  I am happier.

My goal is to maintain a weight range of 127 – 133 lbs by May 2015.   This target is based on the Miller and the Robinson formula (

This is my journey. This is my healthy journey.  And this is my story.


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