Sweet potato is healthy

I used to be a real bread lover. I can’t stand a day without bread. Pan de sal is always part of my breakfast.  Ensaymada was a favorite snack.  And pan-de-coco was always a good afternoon aftermeal dessert.

But I got over the bread.  Yes I did.

I’ve discovered the filling and sweet benefit of this amazing root crop called sweet potato.   It has loads of Vitamin B, C, and D.  This is also considered as the highest source of Vitamin A for all root-crops.  This low calorie food (90 cal / 100g) is rich in antioxidants too.  It is good for the skin, the teeth, the nerves, and even the mood! Plus, sweet potato is a good source of potassium too which keeps our legs healthy, regulate heartbeat, and the nerve signals.   Isn’t that amazing?

I stopped eating pandesal for breakfast and stopped making bread as my staple. In fact, since February 16, I’ve only eaten a total of 8 pieces of pandesal for the last 16 days. Bread is too much calorie for me.  I haven’t eaten any bread since Monday too. I am on a roll.

I’ve replaced bread with sweet potato.  I eat about 100 grams of sweet potato for breakfast together with a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of Cadia Virgin Coconut Oil.   I eat about 300 grams of sweet potato for lunch and boiled egg.  Sometimes, I also eat sweet potato in the evening for dinner.   I feel full and I don’t crave for too much food.

Of course I always have protein and vegetables in my diet everyday.  Today I had 1 serving of Max’s fried chicken and a piece of fresh lumpia and 2/3 cup of rice for lunch.   My dinner was 100 g of sweet potato and my after-workout food today was medium sized chilled tajo.  Filling and yummy. To top it all, the food is of low calorie.  Just perfect for my weight loss journey.

I am now down to 139 lbs coming from 143 lbs in February 17, 2015 and 180 lbs in June 2014.  My sweet potato diet is truly paying off.

I am satisfied.



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