Lunch at Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano

Lunch was good today.

I was in Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano in San Antonio, Makati City.  It’s a fine dining Italian restaurant which serves really good beef carpaccio. It was my first time to try it. It looks like salami but tastes differently.  It has a real good texture and taste. I love it. I have to agree with my American boss. It is the best Italian restaurant in the Philippines.  At least compared to other Italian restaurants in Manila I’ve been too.

It was a healthy meal I had too.   I didn’t have pasta nor did I Ihave rice.  I didn’t have juices or soda or beer. I had  water to quench my thirst.  I had that lamb stew that was really soft and tasty.   I enjoyed it.

Carpacio Ristorante is in 7431- C Yakal St.San Antonio, Makati(02) 843-7286.   It’s a pricey restaurant but it’s worth it.  🙂



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