I am a believer

It’s another good day today.  I had my workout in the gym and I met with a friend in Go Salads at Eastwood.  We had a real good catching up this afternoon afternoon over a healthy jeepney green smoothie.   I learned from her that for two weeks she had her meals delivered through that diet company offering 1200 calories per day diet. But she felt deprived and she didn’t see any significant improvement in her weight.

Last January 8, 2015 I was featured in the FB page of the gym I am enrolled to.  It feels awesome knowing that I have become a fitspiration for other women too.


I was 146 lbs in January 2015. Now I already weigh 139 lbs.  By March 17, 2015 I will be at 138 lbs.  By April 17 I will be down to 132 lbs and by May 2015 my weight will go down further to 127 lbs.   My goal is to maintain a weight range of 121-127 lbs.

I’m glad that the gym is now offering body basic 30-minute  body part specific targeted workout.  They are now offering core, arms, legs, and glute-targeted workouts.  I’m loving these workouts especially the glute-targeted and the core-targeted body basics.  It’s toning my tummy and shaping my behind.

I gave my friend some tips on how to cut down unwanted weight without having to starve and feel deprived.   We also went to the grocery and I showed her the calorie count of the food she has been eating.  She was appreciative and took down notes.  She also bought papaya, dark chocolate, and anchor unsalted butter.  I’m excited about the results of her weight loss journey.

Exercise and eating right are truly awesome! I am happy. 😉


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