A medium-sized surprise

I got a pleasant surprise today.  I went out to SM Megamall for some clothes and shoes shopping.  When I tried the sized L clothes in the fitting room, the clothes are too big for me.  Even the size L shirt is no longer my fit.


Yes.  My clothes are size M now.  From 3XL back in June 2014 I am now down to size M.  That’s a real neat 5 size down. Using the US clothes sizing formula, I used to be size 14.  Now I am down to size 8.   Amazing how eating real food and exercising can do.

My shoe size also changed from size 9 to size 8. Fantastic.   I bought a 3-in high heeled pump shoes too.  I love it.

It has been ages since I last worn a medium-sized clothing.  I was always wearing size L until I started growing big.  The last time I remember I wore a size M shirt was still when I was 21.   Haha. 🙂

It seems like I’m gonna wear size Small clothes by May 2015 when my weight goes further down to 125 lbs.  For my height of 5ft and 3in, my target weight is 121-127 lbs.

I’m inspired to exercise more. I shall be in the gym tomorrow for some body basics particularly targeting my core. That will be awesome.

I continue to eat real food. No processed food, no bottled juices, no soda, nothing that’s processed.  No taking diet pills, no taking of diet drinks, no taking of diet tea. No short cuts.  Just real food and exercise.

That’s healthy, right?


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