How to lose 10 lbs in 30 days the healthy way

There are so many diet products out there promising huge amount of weight loss in 30 days and even in a week.   Some products even promise a weight loss of 30 lbs in 30 days. Whoa! That’s practically 1 lb of weight gone per day.  That doesn’t sound healthy. And anything unhealthy will come crashing on you and the side effects are not what you would like to have.   🙂

1 – 2 lbs of weight loss per week is healthy.   If you follow this course, your weight loss is not going to rebound on  you.  In fact, you will be accustomed to a new healthy lifestyle that you will continue lose unnecessary weight month-on-month until you get to your healthy weight range.  I certainly followed this route and in a matter of 9 months, I lost a total of 41 lbs.  I was 180 lbs in June 2014, I am now down to 139 lbs.   I feel lighter, nimbler, and healthier.


This is a photo of my “twin” in May 2014.  She already lost 3 lbs in 6 days since she started her Healthy Weight Loss Journey.

I have 2 joiners in my program.  I am now the personal weight loss coach of my “twin” from the Philippines who started her journey with me 6 days ago.  From 205 lbs when she started her healthy weight loss journey,  she is now 202 lbs.  She lost 3 lbs in 6 days without having to starve, no skipping of meals, no taking of diet products whatever.  All she did was to eat right, sleep right, drink lots of water, and to connect with me everyday. She didn’t even have to exercise!   Ha ha ha.

Today, I have a new joinee.  A 260 lbs 5 ft 9 in tech guy from the USA who has been battling the battle of the bulge for a long time.  He committed to his healthy weight loss journey with me. I am happy to help him through this. His doctor told him he has to be at 185 lbs to 195 lbs to be at his healthy weight range.  He wants to cut his unnecessary weight and live healthy.


This is a picture of my friend Tony, from the USA taken last December 2014.  He is committed to start cutting weight without starving and without taking any diet whatever. 🙂  

I am glad that they made their decision to live healthy.  I am glad I can be of help in their healthy weight loss journey.

Their first month of losing weight will of course be the fastest weight loss they will experience.  This if they go through the journey right.

Oh yes, you too can lose up to 3 lbs in the first week and it is still healthy.  On the 30th day, you would become 10 lbs lighter.

Time doesn’t stop and so should we.

Stay healthy. Stay happy. 🙂


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