How my twin lost 5 lbs in 9 days

My “twin” is on a roll.   From 205 lbs back in March 9, 2015 she is now down to 200 lbs.  9 days after she started and committed to pursue her healthy weight loss journey,  my twin already lost 5 lbs.  She lost 5 lbs without starving and without skipping meals.  Ha ha. 😀

Her determination  to live a healthy lifestyle is amazing. It is fantastic.


Here she was at 205 lbs.


Here she is now at 200 lbs.

Her story is the same as that of most of us.  She was slim and sexy years before until she started working.  A smart and workaholic manager, she would spend long hours in the office and wouldn’t exercise.  She was also a stress eater.  When work stress happened, she would eat  anything she liked with gusto no matter if the food is unhealthy.

In June 2014, she weighed 190 lbs. She grew even bigger in 2 months later to 200 lbs.  She decided to enroll in the gym I was enrolled to.  She started strong, however, work priorities consumed her time causing her to miss her gym sessions.  Ultimately, she stopped.

Seven months from the time she enrolled in the gym, her weight registered a whopping 205 lbs!  It was time to make a lifestyle change.

Eleven days ago, our catch up in Eastwood City turned into a weight loss conversation.  She saw that I transformed from 180 lbs in June 2014 to 139 lbs 9 months later.  She eagerly listened to my story.

That same day, I gave her a short session on understanding calories of the food she eats.  I also encouraged her to start a healthy weight loss journey with me which includes eating real food only and drinking only water at least 2 L per day.  I also showed her the calorie labels of the food she was used to buying in the groceries.  “Kambal, you inspired me.  I will go through this healthy weight loss journey!” she declared.

It was obviously the conversation that changed her lifestyle.  Now she eats only real food.  And she exercises by walking for 30 minutes at least 3x a week.  I told her she would lose 10 lbs in her first month of healthy weight loss journey so long as she continues to follow the healthy weight loss tips I am giving her.

9 days after the first day of her healthy weight loss journey, she already shed off 5 lbs! She is definitely on track to losing 10 lbs of unwanted weight by April 9, 2015.  Amazing  how discipline and determination can truly transform a person!

I am delighted.  I am happy.






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