Vegetables and fish: Perfect harmony

Lunch was awesome again today.  I had fried horse mackerel with vinegar and chilly dip paired with a serving of sauteed Chinese cabbage.


This crunchy green leafy vegetable has loads of phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant content.  1 cup of this high fiber and very filling vegetable which is about 100g has 13 calories only.  It’s perfect for individuals who want to eat a lot but do not want to gain weight.  This is also perfect for those who are into their healthy weight loss journey such as myself.  This vegetable is also considered as negative calorie food, which when eaten would practically add zero calories in the body but increases calorie burn, thus helps in shedding off unwanted weight.

Fried mackerel, one of my favorite dishes, has good amount of potassium, dietary fiber, and protein.   It has good amount of vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Folate, and panthothenic acid. It is perfect for muscle strengthening.  Plus, it only has about 215 calories per 100 g of fried horse mackerel.

From 180 lbs in June 2014, the type of food I eat helped me lose 46 lbs thus far.  I now weigh 134 lbs.  By April 21, 2015, my weight will go down further to 132 lbs.  For my 5ft and 3in frame, my target is to maintain a weight range of 121lbs t0 125 lbs. I should be able to hit my target by May 2015.


Me back in February 2015 at the gym.

As long as I continue with my walk and run,  exercise at the gym, and keep myself from eating junk food and eat only real food, I am certain that I will meet my target on time.

Just keep on eating.  🙂


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