Why eating real food is better than exercising when shedding unwanted weight

It all boils down to burning calories, the amount of energy present in food. Our body can only do two things to calories. Either it burns it or store it. Not so fortunately for us, calories that are not burned are stored in our body’s storage system called fat.

To lose weight, we only need to use up more calories than what our body stores. If you intake more calories than what your body burns, you will gain weight. This is the plain, high-level formula of keeping your weight at the level you desire.

Exercise can speed up burning the calories, however, when you eat more than what you burn, you still end up growing bigger. The secret is to healthy weight loss is in eating real food with low calories and with the right nutrition.

The power of eating real food.  Unprocessed food, untainted with processed sugars, salt, and other chemicals — these are real food. Real food are filling, high in nutrition, but low in calorie. You eat a ton but for a small amount of calorie. That’s a total bargain.

Let’s take for example my favorite fruit, mango.  Ripe mango in its unprocessed form contains 26 calories only per 40g. Compare that with dried mangoes you can buy in the market which has 160 calories per 40 g. Drying the mangoes and processing it with food-grade chemicals increased the calories 6 times. Whoa! That’s a ton of calories in there, yet 40g of will not fill you. Plus the high concentration of sugar triggers craving for more food. More food, more calories, more calories that you need to burn.

You can eat 2 cups of fresh ripe mango which is about 200g and you consume only 130calories, 30 calories lesser than what you consume in a 40g dried mango. You enjoy a filling meal without the fear of taking in too much calories.

The right amount of calorie.  Your body needs the right amount of calorie to keep itself functioning optimally.  The amount of calorie that your body burns to support itself is called the basal metabolic rate. The right amount of calorie must be supplied and burned in order for the body to function properly and keep itself healthy. Therefore, you must not take less calories than what your body burns to function properly.

The crackers and water diet. Some dieters believe that eating only 1 pack of 3-pc crackers in substution of one or more of their meals will help them lose weight. What they didn’t realize is that 3 pieces (90g) of this crackers already contain 120 calories. This is 120 calories of food that will not make them feel full. In just a few hours, they will already starve and in need of more food. This would typically cause them to binge and eat more than what they need during their next meal.

Contrast that with the boiled sweet potato diet. You can eat 133g of boiled sweet potato for the same calorie value of 120. You eat more for less calories and you get good fiber and more nutrients. That’s a crazy calorie bargain.

Processed food increases the calorie value of real food 3x on average and decreases its fiber content plus, the nutritional content is typically replaced with synthetic nutrients. You have to eat more of these in-order to fill full and consequently, you shoot up your calorie intake more than what your body can burn.

It pays to eat real food.  You can eat more, feel full, take in just enough calories for you to keep healthy.

Determine your calorie needs. It is important to understand your calorie needs. There are a lot of calorie calculators available in the internet.  This one is what helped me cut down 52lbs in the 11 months of my healthy weight loss journey. From 180 lbs in June 2014, I reached 128 lbs in May 2015:  http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

In general. Exercise burns calories. But to make your healthy weight loss efficient, you have to eat food that makes you full, nutritious, and with low calorie. Eating real food surely helped me with my healthy weight loss journey. It will help you too.

Stay healthy.  🙂


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