Dreams do come true

Not so long time ago, back when I was in high school, I watched a movie about a father who built a baseball field in the middle of his corn farm. Before he built the baseball field, he saw a vision of another man who told him “If you build it, he will come”.

The hero in the movie built the baseball field and true enough, legendary baseball players of old came and played baseball right there. The words of that character prevailed in my memory and wouldn’t go away. Somehow, it became an inspiration to me. I understood it to mean that if I build my dream, my dream would come true. I would hear myself reciting the quote to myself.

I started dreaming. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I was always inspired by my mom, whom I always believed to be the best teacher that I know. She wasn’t my teacher, but she taught me reading and math in the simplest way that I began to love words and numbers at a very early age.

But the teaching profession in my country does not pay well. It was always difficult for my mom to make ends met had it not for her other small businesses. My mom would always discourage me from becoming a teacher by profession due to the almost below poverty line pay of the teaching profession. Yet it didn’t stop me from dreaming to teach someday.

I went to the big city to work as a bakery operations specialist in the biggest bakery franchise company in my country a year after I graduated as a Food Technologist. I was very confident that I would be accepted. I wasn’t. To my surprise, I was hired to be part of the training department. My dream of making teaching as a profession became a reality. I was now a trainer.

I dreamed of becoming a trainer in the BPO industry. I was declined on my first try. I didn’t stop. I joined a pioneer account and I declared in front of my teammates and the American client who was training us “I will be the trainer of this account”. I caught everyone by surprise. I got the role. I continued dreaming and believing in my dreams. I dreamed of becoming a lead trainer. I made it. I dreamed of becoming a supervisor in the operations. I got it. I dreamed of becoming an Operations Manager. I made it too.

I dreamed of going abroad. But I didn’t have the money. Still my dream became real — and twice. I went to the USA in 2006. I went to Australia in 2014. All were paid for by the companies I worked for. I dreamed of becoming a director for operations in the BPO industry. Now, I’m on it too.

In June 2014, I dreamed of being fit again. I was obese at 180 lbs. One year later, I lost 52 lbs. Now, I am healthy.

Back when I was 23, I started having a recurring dream about me having my own car. In 2009, while sitting in a couch waiting for my COE, I closed my eyes and envisioned myself holding the stirring wheel and driving my own car. A few days from today, my first car, brand new, is scheduled to be released to me.


Image courtesy of http://www.Toyota.com.ph

I believe that the world is a field of dreams waiting for us to claim. I believe that with the right determination, hard work, and faith, dreams do come true.

I thank God for making my dreams come true. You can claim yours too.

Start dreaming. Start believing. Dreams do come true. 🙂


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