4 practical benefits of staying slim

I grew big. And no. I just didn’t grow big. I grew obese. I was 180 lbs and class I obese.

That was me when my love of food caused me to spend  a considerable amount of time and money on fast food mostly on Jollibee, McDo,and KFC – all for the love of crispy fried chicken, plain and hot & spicy, and all for the love of unlimited KFC gravy.

Chips and sweets were fun too.  I used to eat Chippy barbecue flavor and Tortillos chili flavor almost everyday or alternate it with frozen mini-cakes, yogurt, and ice cream. I couldn’t go home unless I have polvoron or egg pie from Goldilocks. I couldn’t last a day without munching my customary mongo bread and cheese bread from Julie’ Bakeshop. I could not a last a day without pandesal too, plain or stuffed. And my packed lunch would consist rice and fried hotdog or ham or salami or burger patty. I wouldn’t sleep without drinking my hot milk or fresh milk- it didn’t matter which one.

That was me until over a year ago when I decided to stay healthy. That’s when I decided to love the right food, the right way.  Today my weight ranges from 128-130 lbs. I’ve shed off a total 52 lbs at my lowest weight. I feel more alive and healthy. I am definitely enjoying the new me. I am definitely enjoying the benefits of staying slim and healthy.

Below are 4 of the practical benefits I am enjoying now while staying slim and healthy.

1) The ability to squeeze into a 3-seater row of the FX van. Going to work, either I take the FX and pay P30 or take the cab and pay P120. Economically, taking the FX is the better choice. Imagine the discomfort that I had when I was big and I got squeezed into a 3-seater row with 4 people. But not anymore. I can get inside the same space quite comfortably now, very much the opposite of what I had to struggle way back.

2) I can now buy the clothes that I like. I couldn’t fit in the clothes that I liked way back. Going to the malls would just be a window shopping activity for me and then, end up going to the restaurant and eat. Sometimes I buy clothes but I would always end up buying clothes I didn’t like very much. I didn’t have the choice. Today, I can totally buy the type of clothes that I like. From 3xl down to medium size, my clothes options have increased too. I am loving it.

3) I can now ride the zip line.  Oh yes. I’ve always wanted to ride the zip line. But I was always afraid that the line will rip because of my weight, no kidding! I always thought I was too heavy for the line and that I would eventually break it. I was afraid to fall off. The fear is gone. Now that I have slimmed down, I finally rode the zip line. It was absolutely a fantastic experience. I want to do it again.

4) I enjoy motivating others and it motivates me.  When I started eating right and going to the gym, my friends thought I wouldn’t last a month. When I finished one month, they thought I wouldn’t last 2 months. But each month I continued the new lifestyle and continued to lose unnecessary weight. Today, gone is the 180 lbs obese class 1 woman who suffers from daily allergic rhinitis. The new me is healthy, happy, free from the allergy which used to bother me. My friends now believe in the power of the will.

I still love and enjoy food. I would never say no to my boss when he invites me out for lunch. Aside from the excellent conversation which we always have, he never failed to bring me to really good restaurants.  I also go out to fancy restaurants one-in-a while with my friends or with my palangga. But I’m picky now. I make sure that I get healthy food and eat only what I need.

Eating right and exercising is my lifestyle now. And I am loving it.


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