Why i am a lucid dreamer

I am a dreamer, a literal light sleeper and always in REM. I dream in colors, yes, and in my dream, I vividly see the blue shirt of someone, or the silver car I was driving, or the yellow slippers I was wearing.

I read somewhere that most individuals dream in black and white, and those who dream in colors are the ones who have strong control of their dreams. They are lucid dreamers and they get to build the structure of their dreams and the outcome of their dreams. Because of this ability, lucid dreamers practically double the time of their enjoying the consciousness of their lives through their waking life and their sleeping life.

Over the radio, I learned about lucid dreaming when I was 9 or 10. I learned that if I want to dream of something I have to think about it before I sleep and soon enough my brain neurons will form the visuals in my head and play them in my dreams. I can also control my dream so that I can fly, I can visit places I’ve never been, and I get to enjoy the dreamworld even more than I can enjoy the waking world.

Because of my ability to dream vividly and control my dream, I was able to use my sleeping time more productively than just using it for resting.

1) Lucid dreaming taught me how to drive the bike.  I was 7 years old when I desired to drive the bicycle. My 8-yr old brother already learned how to do it. Yet, I was too scared to be driving the bicycle without someone holding it for me too. One day, in my usual afternoon nap, I dreamed of myself practicing the bike. There I analyzed how to balance. I was aware that I was dreaming, and who cares if I fall. No one would know, so I wouldn’t be embarassed. I successfully drove the bike freely and smoothly in my dream and I remembered exactly how I did it. When I woke up, I went to our town’s oval together with my brother, my cousin Russel, and some of our friends. Russel was holding the bicycle while I was driving and I just kept on pedalling. Little did I know that he was no longer there and I was actually driving the bike, alone! 🙂

2) Lucid dreaming helped me get through with my college majors.  In college, I took a course that was numbers heavy. I had integral and differential calculus. I had analytic trigonometry and refrigeration engineering. I had microbiology and advanced chemistry. I was surrounded by advanced mathematics, chemistry, nutrition, and biology. When I get stuck on a question during our mid-terms and final exams, I would put myself to sleep. Yes, I would sleep in the exam room and then get into REM and start lucid dreaming. I would solve the problem in my dream and when I wake up, I already knew how to get through the questions. I finished college without having to re-do any of my courses. Thanks God. 🙂

3) Lucid dreaming helped me get through my fear of monsters-in-my sleep.   Because I am already aware that I am only in my REM, I already know how to get rid of the monsters in my sleep. I get to control their outcomes and I get to go back to sleep peacefully after waking up.

4) Lucid dreaming brought me to places I’ve never been through. In 2006, I dreamed of being in the USA. I dreamt of a huge long road with lush greeneries on the side. In my dream, I felt I was in the USA although I’ve never been there. Few weeks later, my boss told me I needed to process my VISA because I will be travelling to the USA. Whoa! What a pleasant surprise. The dream came true. When I was already in the USA, San Francisco, CA to be exact, I saw the huge road with the lush greeneries, exactly how I saw it in my dreams. Coincidence? Probably.

5) I dreamed of being in France last night, in my lucid dream. Haha. Yes. I dreamt of being in Paris, France. It was so vivid, so clear, I can still remember the words that the people with me in my dreams told me. I can still remember the places the streets. In my dream I remembered the exact house we stayed in. I remembered the people in my dream. I haven’ been in France. Would this be a sign that I will travel there, someday?

I am excited. 🙂


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