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The sexy fat

I’m not talking about those body flab. Oh definitely not. I’m not talking about the excess weight caused by un-burnt calories.  No, not that type of fat.  I’m not saying it doesn’t look good on you. It’s a matter of preference and how you carry yourself, I suppose. I’m simply saying I’m not talking about that kind of fat.

I’m talking about this dietary fat that’s making a huge comeback.  I’m talking about the fat that gives 9x of caloric energy for each gram of this amazing substance.  I’m talking about the kind of fat that magically turns every meal into a kitchen hit!

Oh yes. I’m talking about butter.  Yum. I love butter. The smell.  The soft, greasy, sexy feel on my wanting lips that feels like I just put on my lip gloss.  Haha. And the fill it gives my hungry tummy.  This lovely yellow butter.  This lovely yellow low calorie unsalted butter from grass-fed cows that proponents of bulletproof diet go gaga about.  I am not a proponent of bullet-proof diet and I don’t understand that entire concept, but there is one bulletproof diet food that I totally so in-love with.


Preparing my healthy coffee-butter blend

It’s the coffee con butter blend that’s so yummy and so filling I can totally cut breakfast with it. Or at least, my next food will be 4 hours later during my lunch break. And that’s without craving for any other food.  It naturally feels sexy.


The bullet-proof coffee on the left is fuller and has more body compared the regular coffee on the right

I was always skeptical with this bulletproof coffee.  How would a mix of almost zero calorie black coffee with 72 calorie unsalted butter fuel me for my entire morning? I found the trick that explained the experience. Our body digest fats slower than carbs and protein.  And since butter is fat, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) kind of fat, a healthy kind of fat (I so love calling it healthy kind of fat because it really is! J), our body digest it slowly making us feel fuller for longer period of time. No wonder this bulletproof coffee is a huge hit among health-conscious sexy humans.  Lol.

Here are some bulletproof coffee recipes you might want to try.

Go ahead and try it.  Enjoy!






Why exercise is important in losing weight

Sometime ago, in June 2014, I already felt so huge, so heavy, and so unpretty (yes, my self esteem was low). I was 180 lbs  (roughly 82 kgs) for my 5 ft and 3 in frame and was feeling empty and heading nowhere. I wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself and buy clothes that I truly like. But how?

I was managing a huge team of about 200 employees that time, yes, and I enjoyed the feeling of instant gratification whenever my team and I made significant leaps in our performance. My friends and team mates were always there when I need someone to watch a movie with me or to eat unlimited garlic bread in Bigoli or to munch and dine on huge pandesals over hot chocolate and cheese spreads. I would stay long hours in the office and won’t leave unless my body is too tired for my brains to analyze performance data and layout strategies to bridge performance gaps and improve performance.

Obviously, I loved being in the office and managing people and managing performance. But my own personal life was put in a stall.

I realized that I have been working hard to improve the performance of my team but I have neglected myself. If I can analyze performance gaps, I should be able to analyze where I can start to improve my well-being. I reflected on my food habits.

Why do I eat?

  1. I eat when I’m hungry. This usually happens during lunch time and dinner time.
  2. I eat when I’m stressed. Stressors in the office and my personal life cause me to get out and de-stress. Food calms me down.
  3. I eat when I’m bored. When I’m at home and not doing anything, I go out and buy bread in the neighborhood bakery.
  4. I eat when I’m sad.  There is no better way to turn my sadness into joy but food.  haha. 🙂
  5. I eat when my friends invite me out. I don’t like saying no to my friends. I always think that people takes effort to invite someone out and it’s not very polite to say no. So I go out and eat
  6. I eat when I see new restaurants. I like the feeling of being able to try new dish from newly opened restaurants. I like the feeling of being an authority somehow of where good food is.
  7. I eat out to celebrate my team’s good performance. I would bring my team out to good restaurants to enjoy good food. It’s always fun talking with them over good food. I eat.
  8. I eat when my boss celebrates good performance. My boss usually treats us with food when good performance is reported and acknowledged. I don’t say no to good food.
  9. I eat when I go to movies. Who wants to go to movies without popcorn and soda?

See. I kept on eating. Yes. And out of the 9 reasons why I eat, hunger is only 1 of them. I was eating for enjoyment. I wasn’t eating right.  Yet I don’t want to stop eating.

I decided to enroll in a gym that same month. If I can’t stop eating, I decided that burning my fats is the best resolution to my ballooning weight.


My pic taken 4 days ago.  I’m 132lbs here. My weight is now playing around 130-133 lbs. I’m back to exercising.

How exercise helped me eat right

A month after I started going to the gym, I noticed that I’m eating lesser portions of food than what I used to have. I also noticed that I don’t eat as often anymore.  Something changed.  My eating habits changed without me planning to. Wow!

  1. I was feeling good about myself.  I was feeling less stressed. In fact, I didn’t care about stress anymore.  I didn’t have to do stress eating.
  2. I was feeling happy all the time.  Each time I stepped on the scale and saw my weight decreased, I felt happy.   I became more determined to lose weight.  Exercise released my happy hormones.  Sadness eating was driven out.
  3. I started exercising at home too.  Now I had something to do at home.  Instead of munching cheese bread, donuts, and cheeseburgers, I donned my running shoes and walked, jogged, and ran around the neighborhood.  Sweat felt so good.  I didn’t have time to eat for boredom’s sake.
  4. I learned to say no to food outing. I saw improvements in my leg muscles. My legs were getting firm and started to show good shape. I didn’t want to interrupt the improvement I was seeing. I started to politely say no to friends who invite me to eat out.
  5. New restaurants became just a sight.  When new restaurants opened, I learned to appreciate the fact that it’s new and it offers something new.  But I learned to say no. 😉
  6. Good performance begets celebration.   When my team delivered good performance and I treated them with food.  I celebrated with them with a few bites. I wasn’t tempted to get full anymore.  I enjoyed few bites on the food that my boss would buy for us to celebrate too. The celebration is more important than the food.
  7. Movies but no popcorn.  When I watched movies, I would have my dinner first.  That way, I cut expenses from buying popcorn and soda, and cut my calorie intake too.
  8. Soda and bottles juices no more.   Exercise made me appreciate water more.  With zero calories, I indulged the refreshing taste of cold and hot water too.  I ditched soda and bottled juices. I stopped drinking calories.

Without making plans on what diet I would take, exercise helped me follow good eating habits, albeit naturally.  It started with me not feeling as hungry as before.  Then it became a choice not to be hungry.   I ate fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, meat, and beef. I ditched the milk too, instead, I drank water and coffee.  I exercised and ate a lot while eating unprocessed food and saying no to rice.

I lost 52 lbs in 12 months.  I dropped my weight from 180 lbs to 128 lbs. And I’m loving it.

Tension headache and my coffee mug

I am looking at my coffee mug filled half-way through with a concoction of black coffee and butter from grass-fed cows of New Zealand. Is the mug half-empty? Is the mug half-full? I wonder.

Seven months ago I didn’t care about how the government taxed us. I always believed that what belongs to the government is not my own. Therefore, I didn’t care much about how much tax is slashed off from my income. I didn’t even bother to know how tax is being calculated or when tax is going to be filed. After all, someone always had to file my ITR for me. I take home what was left of my pay minus the government required taxes already.

It’s almost 2 weeks now since the reality of the Philippine taxation has sunk in on me. 32% tax slashed off from my income is no fun at all. Just 2 weeks ago, it dawned on me that I need to cut a good portion of my income to pay for my ITR. It has given me headache, stress, and tiny droplets of tears that voluntarily form on my tear ducts.

Surge of thoughts and non-thoughts just keep on sweeping my head causing it to ache even more. A friend told me that I don’t need to declare my income so that I don’t need to pay my income tax. Sounds like a good plan, eh, but no. It’s plain corruption and I won’t do that.

The amount of income tax I need to pay is not inconsiderable. At least for a regular working class person like me where every peso keeps us going, any amount is worth saving. It was a huge lesson for me to understand what I was getting into before making any financial plans and spending.

Perhaps it was intended for me to learn this before April 2016. I still have a good 7 months to cut my spending and save money to pay for my income tax. I still have a good 7 months to plan, strategize, and take action on how I can earn more so that I can still live a little comfortably while paying my 32% income tax. Perhaps it was intended for me to learn more about  Philippine taxation from my accountant friend who is very much helpful in educating me on this.  Perhaps it was intended for me to be more motivated to branch out into setting up my own business.

senator sonny

Senator Sonny Angara meme I found in FB. Credits to the one who created it.

2016 is coming. We are about ready to choose our new set of government officials. Perhaps it’s now time to become a registered voter again and vote for lawmakers who considers increasing our take home pays. Perhaps it’s now time to consider voting for lawmakers like Senator Sonny Angara.

Perhaps its time to make a proactive change.

Perhaps my mug is not half-empty.

Perhaps my mug is half-full.