3 easy weight loss hacks to keep you slim and healthy

How many times have you seen your Facebook news-feed cluttered with social networking trends? How many times did you wish that the trend be over?

How many times did you find yourself so relieved that the trend is over only to find out that a new trend has started?

How many times did you lose some weight and then gain it back and more?

The problem with following fads is that you lose the interest once the fad fizzles. It happens in fashion. It happens in music.

It happens in weight loss journeys.

If this is happening to you, know that you are not an exemption. Other people are struggling to keep that weight off just like you. It happened to me too.

But I got out of my obesity. And for two years now, the weight has not come back!


  • Without struggling.
  • Without depriving myself of food that I like.
  • Without spending excessive money on weight loss diet gimmickry.

Here are 3 easy weight loss hacks you can use to remove those unwanted weight fast.

1.  Visualize the results. Start with visualizing how you would like yourself to look. Post a photo in front of your workstation or on your refrigerator at home of someone with the figure you like to emulate. Yes. It helps when you actually have someone to inspire you – a workout coach,  a celebrity, or the photo of your once slim and sexy self – anyone that can inspire you to keep your unwanted weight off.

Make a daily habit out of looking at the photo. Soon, you will be pleasantly surprised that you have become more inspired to be the person you want to be.

2.  Time doesn’t stop and so should you. Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day. Remind yourself that time doesn’t stop. Either you continue to grow bigger or you continue shedding off the excess weight. Your choice.

Understand that you face different kinds of challenges as you go on with your journey. Your favorite food in front of you. Ice cream. Chocolates. Bacon. Hot milk. Cheese. Your favorite Bondi & Bourke Beef Burger.

At times you will feel lazy. You don’t want to exercise. You don’t want to walk and run. You don’t want to get out of the bed.

That’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day. Start again. Do not stop. After all, time doesn’t stop and so should you.

bondi and bourke

A photo of a Bondi & Bourke Beef Burger I had today from the Australian restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines. 


3.  Eat 6x a day. Binge-eating is no fun. You eat less hoping to curb your calorie intake, only to eat more calories than what you should be taking for the entire day. Binge-eating can make you grow bigger, even! Oh. No fun. I was a victim of that too, but I found a way to get away of binge-eating.

How did I get out of the cycle? By spreading my meals all throughout the day!

Spread your calorie intake throughout the day. Make your digestive system spend more calories and work your body for you by spreading your food throughout the entire day.  Have breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, mid-day snack, dinner, and evening snack. By spreading your meals all throughout the day, you won’t feel too hungry, and you prevent binge eating.


Do you want to lose the stubborn fat? Do you want to finally wear the clothes you like? Do you want to still be able to eat your favorite food (at times) without worrying about gaining the fat?

Do you want to know how Asians keep their bodies slimmer?

Visit me here in The Asian Diet Secret official website.





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