The myth that caused people to grow obese

I can see a lot of working adults who are are big. It’s like if you are busy at work you are expected to grow big.

It happens in my line of work too. I can see a lot of managers managing stressful call center operations growing obese. It’s like if you are managing the operations of a call center company, you are expected to be big. I was one of them.

I can totally understand the phenomenon. Managing work targets, clients, and tons of people in the BPO industry here in the Philippines can really make you stay in your workstations too long, that you become less mobile, and you end up getting obese.

The work stress can also cause you to eat a lot, too much, and eat the wrong kind of food – chips, cheeseburgers, chocolates, ice cream, fried chicken, pasta, pizza – all the good stuff, yes, just name it.

My before and after photos when I started my healthy weight loss journey in June 2014 and my photo 1 year later.

Growing up we are wired to think that when you become an adult and when you reach a certain age, you will grow big no matter what you do. “It’s the hormones”, they say. “It’s your metabolism going slower the more you age!”, others say. “It’s just nature”, others would even shrug and just accept it as a natural phenomenon.

And yes. I believed them.

Believed. That’s the nominative word. It’s past tense. I don’t believe it anymore.

Some of my new friends think I am way younger than my age. Some of my older friends think that I look way younger than I am supposed to.

One of my favorite salads. Pineapples, strawberries, and pears mixed together with slices of eggs on top. 

It’s crazy and their remarks inspire me.

I started understanding my body and how food and exercise affects my health. And yes! I got out from being obese. And I got out of it naturally.

From peaking at 180 lbs all packed in my 5 ft and 3 inches frame, I got rid of all those unwanted weight – 52 lbs shed off in just one year.

It’s been 3 years since I started the journey. I am now in the weight range of 125 lbs to 128 lbs. I have maintained the habit and the new me.

My most recent pic, April 23, 2017.

I am not stopping the healthy lifestyle anytime soon. Obviously I am not a size 0 nor am I a size 2. But I am on my healthy weight range. I am a work in progress too. After all, time doesn’t stop and so do I.


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