Managing your money 101

When I started working for one of the biggest bakery franchising company in the Philippines back in my younger years, I was getting a measly sum of money as salary.

So, to make ends meet, I would save from my food and transportation. I also stayed with some friends who lived near my office. That saved me from having to pay for fare going to work everyday.

My breakfast would typically be some bread from the R&D (they always bake breads there). For lunch I would only spend around P7 – P10. Imagine that?

Yeap. I would pay P4 for utan bisaya (a mix of leafy vegetables and root crops cooked with tons of water as soup) and half rice for P3. Sometimes, when I felt like I had the money, I would buy some of those tiny fried chicken legs for P8 and rice for P5. And if it was salary day, I could buy food from our canteen and would spend some P20-P30.

That worked for me. I was skinny. And I felt light and nimble. After all, my diet was leaning towards vegetables, some portioned meat, and portioned rice. And not just that…

With a net salary of P1900 – P2100 per cut-off (around $76-$88 a month) I was able to loan money without interest, of course, to a workmate who gets paid P20,000 per month! Imagine that? I was also able to loan money to my other workmates (again, no interest, of course).

My experience taught me that it isn’t really the money that you are getting that matters. It’s the money that you spend that will help you manage your finances. #managingmoney101


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