How Game of Thrones Season 8 will end

The 3-eyed raven cannot die until he passes his powers over to another seer and warg. As he grew old and his muscles weakened, he got attached and became one with a weirwood tree. The moment his training with Bran completed, it was time for him to leave the world and Bran becomes the new 3-eyed raven.

The Night’s King is like the 3-eyed raven. He won’t die without passing his powers to another. In the battle of Hardhome the Night King looked at Jon as if he knew him. In one season he saw Samwell Tarly and just looked at him too. Both Jon and Sam he left them alive.

The 7th season will end up with the wall destroyed. And that will be the springboard for season 8 next year.

Season 8 will be a war of epic proportions. But contrary to what most of us think, it isn’t going to be a war to end the existence of The Others or of The humans.

Season 8 is the war to end the long winter, yes. But it is going to be the war that culminates the Night King’s search for his successor.

The humans will be overwhelmed by the army of the undead. Believing Melissandre’s prophecy that he is the one chosen by the Lord of Light to end the war with the new Lightbringer sword Jon Snow who now is the lover of Daenyrys will try to sacrifice Daeneyrys by stabbing her to her heart with his Valyrian Steel Sword, the sword that Samwell stole from his father.

The steel sword becomes the new Lightbringer.

Daenyrys’ death will seem to become futile. And Jon and the remaining humans will soon find that The Others cannot be defeated. Not even with the fiery new Lighbringer soaked in Daenyrys’ blood.

Jon Snow will have a word with The Night King.

In the end Jon Snow will die yet again. But this time he will come back as the King of the Undead. He will become the new Night King. And the current Night King, beleaguered and tired of his seemingly immortal life can now take the rest he wanted to have ever so badly.

The war will end. And Jon Snow becoming the new Night King will broker peace with the humans.

The season 8 will reveal that Samwell Tarly is now married to Gilly, the Free Folk and daughter of Craster. The final season will reveal that Samwell Tarly was narrating the entire GOT story to Gilly’s son who has grown up to be a fine young man.

The Iron Throne of the 7 Kingdoms is now empty. Kings Landing is no more but a memory of a terrible tragedy of human greed.

Westeros is now back to what it has been – an island of several kingdoms ruled by different lords. Westeros is back to what it was before the dragon-flying Targaryens first landed in Dragonstone.

What about you? How do you think this popular HBO series will end?


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