About Anna Sofia

Hi. My name is Anna Sofia (Ah-na so-FEE-uh).  I am a Food Technologist, a Food Scientist who turned BPO professional.

I am the author of The Asian Diet Secret, the exact blue print of how I manage to cut 55 lbs of unhealthy weight from my petite 5 ft and 3 in frame. Once upon a time obese at 180 lbs, I am now happy with my 125 lbs to 127 lbs weight range.

I have over 12 years of experience in the Business Process Outsourcing and with 11 years of solid experience in the front-line and in managing the contact center for subscription businesses. My experience in the subscription businesses includes the telecommunications, domain name space, website and email, energy market, investment software for money managers, and financial publishing industries.

The scope of my expertise includes business development, project management, operations management, profit and loss, and training for sales and customer acquisition, customer experience management, loyalty and retention, and technical support.

I develop, test, improve, implement, and manage strategies that help businesses grow their customer base and improve their recurring revenue streams. I use my discipline in lean six sigma along with my experience in the industry, in understanding and exploiting opportunities in the customer journey. I partner with the clients to transform their contact center from a cost center into a profit center.

I live a healthy life. I live a happy life.


3 thoughts on “About Anna Sofia

    • You are welcome @ohiocook. I enjoy reading your posts in your blog too. Especially the healthy recipes and the yummy looking photos of the dishes. I’ll try some of your recipes soon. 🙂


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