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How I lost 42 lbs in 9 months

From 180 lbs in June 2014, I am now down to 138 lbs.  I am now 3 lbs lower than the highest end of the spectrum of the healthy weight range for my 5 ft and 3 in frame.


My eating habit is a huge factor of my growing to 81.82 kgs in June 2014.  Now, that I follow a healthy lifestyle,  I now weigh, 62.7 kgs. That’s a healthy weight loss of 19 kgs in 9 months. 


For a long time, I was one of those who struggled to win the battle of the bulge. Ha ha.  The Tokyo Bubble Tea beat me.  I was a regular customer in Tokyo Bubble Tea for their variety of milk shakes. My favorite was Double Chocolate Milkshake with tapioca pearls.  Ah! That sweet cooling sensation of the crushed ice, sugar, milk, and chocolates would always persuade me to eat more.

In June 2014, when I hit 180 lbs, I decided to change my lifestyle.  I started going to the gym at least 3x a week for 30-min total body workout sessions. Then I started to change my eating habits.

Oh yes. There is no shortcut in losing weight the healthy way.  After all, I accumulated those fats through several years of sedentary and full of sweets kind of lifestyle.

I learned that our body accumulates or lose fats based on the amount of calories we take.   Calories is the measurement of the energy needed by our body to keep us going.  Every calorie that the body cannot consume for the day are stored as fats. Whoa! It’s that simple, right?

Yes it is. There is no need to be taking diet pills, diet plum, diet tea, and diet whatever.

In my new healthy lifestyle, I simply followed the following principles:

1.  Eat only real food.  Processed food are junk food.  Processed food typically triples the amount of calories in your food.  Instead of eating a pack of crackers which typically has 3 pcs on it at 150 calories, eat 1 pc of cavendish banana instead. It’s delicious, more filling, and contains only about 60 calories.  You can even eat 2 pcs of cavendish bananas and still you have taken 30 calories less than 3 pieces of crackers.   You take in more food for less calories! Brilliant, right?

2.  Do not starve.  Starving will cause you to binge. And when you binge, you take in more food to satisfy your hunger and almost triples the amount of calories you should have gotten when you eat on time.   Schedule your eating on a regular basis.   I eat 6x a day.  But I eat only real food.

3.  Exercise.  This will make your body burn more calories faster.  The faster your body burns your calories, the faster your body shed off unwanted weight.

4.  Drink at least 2 L of water per day.  I drink only water.  Water is filling, healthy, and has zero calories. Compare that with a 500 ml of ice tea which has about 180 – 200 calories.   Or compare that with a 12 oz of Coke at 360 calories.  Remember that it’s the unused calories that are turned into fats.   I always keep my calorie intake for the day on average of 1300 calories only. That’s all that a typical adult woman’s body needs.  I would rather give my body calories from healthy food instead of the empty calories from junk food.   Plus, as an extra benefit, water flushes away body toxin.  And the more water you take, the more body toxins are flushed out.  The results:  healthier and glowing skin. 🙂

4.  Think happy thoughts.   Happy thoughts releases happy hormones.  Happy hormones makes you feel good about yourself and will keep you away from junk food.  Happy hormones makes your body burn more calories too.  Smile the stress away.  Do not entertain stress. Instead, keep yourself  busy with being happy.



Here I am, happy with my boss and friend and her son.  I had lunch with them in The Wholesome Table, a restaurant who serves only organic food. 


By April 17, 2015  I will be down to 133 lbs.  By May 2015, my weight will go down further to 128 lbs.  My goal is to maintain my weight at 125 lbs – 127 lbs.  I’m certainly on track to achieving this goal on June 2015.

One year after I started my healthy weight loss journey, I will finally achieve my goal.

I am satisfied. I am happy.   🙂





Everything wholesome

It’s definitely a wholesome day today!  😀

I got the permission to copy my friends photo of a picturesque scene of Dubai Marina.   He took this photo using his Iphone 6.  I can’t help it. Every time I look at this photograph, I am carried to the fantasy world built by The Wachowskis.  It somehow reminds me of that awesome space  city in the world of Jupiter Ascending.  Oh yeah, I wish I was Jupiter.

Thanks Art Lequin for this real awesome capture of a real awesome city.


Lunch today was another wholesome meal.   I had lunch with my bosses in The Wholesome Table in Bonifacio High Street.   The Wholesome Table is an Organic comfort food restaurant serving food that we are used to love, except that the dishes are organic.  I can have bread to my liking without the guilt and it’s gluten free.

I had a portion of  The Wholesome Salad for my appetizer.  It has watermelon, onions, sunflower seeds and cucumber, and feta cheese, tossed in a sherry vinegar dressing with honey, extra virgin olive oil, and grilled chicken.   For the main course I had seared Lapu-Lapu with celery sticks. I finished off the meal with 2 glasses of wholesome zero calorie water.  It was a perfect wholesome meal.


Here is a photo of me and my bosses with their son.  We just had lunch at The Wholesome Table.  

And of course we watched Cinderella in IMAX today too. If only for Frozen Fever.  Oh yeah.  I am one of those Frozen fanatics who probably watched it gazillion times.  I have two nieces who just can’t get enough of it.  And I am pleasantly forced to watch it with them over and over again.

Well Cinderella turned out to be a tearjerker.  I was literally sniffing in tears all throughout the movie.  I laughed heartily when 4-year old JJ asked me “Are you having fun Anna?”   Hahaha. What a charmer the boy is.


Wake up Princess Anna. It’s your birthday! 


I am forever a Frozen fan. I am so looking forward to Frozen 2.

By the way, if you want to try some real good organic restaurant food, try The Wholesome Table.  The restaurant is located in 30th St. Corner 7th Ave., Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig.

Always happy. Always wholesome.  Happiness is my choice. 🙂