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Dachshund dog

This is Hotdog, the Dachshund dog.  She is yet a puppy and the sweetest puppy I’ve ever seen. I would call her and she would run to me and feel the comfort of my caress. Haha.  It was as if we have met for a long time already.  Holding her in my hands made me realize the joy that my niece and nephews have when they play with their dogs.


Hotdog is my childhood friend’s dog.  This short-legged, long-bodied dog belongs to the hound family.  The miniature dachshund was bred to hunt smaller prey such as rabbits. In our country, this dog stays at home and spoiled to perfection. 😀


I traveled 3 hours from Metro Manila to Dasmarinas, Cavite to finally see and meet my childhood friend again after more than 20 years of not seeing each other.   Maria Ana used to live in the house in front of ours in Baybay City, Leyte and we used to play Chinese garter, cartwheel, barters, and jack stone together.  We also used to study basic math together.

That was back when we were 6 years old until we were 9.  Their family moved to the big city just before we started the 3rd grade.  As a child, I was totally devastated.  She was the childhood playmate that I considered as my childhood best friend too and she left for good.  I didn’t even have any slight idea if I would see her again.

Fast forward to January 2011, she added me on Facebook. My joy was overwhelming.  I was fascinated by how technology connected us. Since then I kept on plotting to see her again live in person.  It took another 4 years before we’ve finally met. But it was all worth it.


We had a good time catching up and enjoying the food she prepared.  The salad mix of carrots, turnips, cucumbers, lettuce, tuna, and beef loaf strips in Vietnamese spring roll wrap was fantastic. I ate two of those and it was a total gastronomic treat.  We shared stories, filled the gap of those years that we missed, shared jokes, and shared photos.  It was a blast.

I’m glad I didn’t allow laziness to stop me from travelling that day.  It was the best travel yet that I did for this year.  One that connected me with my childhood friend again and her family after 26 years.

It was fantastic.


How my friends walked with me through my healthy weight loss journey

Today, I lost a total of 46 lbs in 9.5 months.  From 180 lbs in June 2014, I am now down to 134 lbs. Yes, I feel lighter, nimbler, more agile.


After workout with Coach Priestess.  She led me through an intense glute-targeted workout.  It was fun.

For a long time, I was inside a 180 lbs shell.  For my 5ft and 3in frame, I was obese class 1. I was suffering with health-related illnesses. I had difficulty sleeping each night due to heartburn.  I always had daily allergic rhinitis attacks that would escalate to flu. I snored terribly loud that I would wake up hearing the sound of it.   And my woman cycle was terribly irregular, in fact at its worst, I only had 4 visits in a year.  Whoa!

A few days before my birthday, while I was having lunch with one of my friends, I read the lyrics of that song from ET.  It was the first time that I read the lyrics and I was shot into burst of tears that wouldn’t stop.  Haha.  That was a very painful song that today, I couldn’t even remember the title of the song.


Some of my leads serenading me with the ET song back in June 2014.

But that song made me felt loved too.  The moment I came back to my workstation that night after almost 16 hours of work, some of my team leaders serenaded me with that song.  Haha. I know it was somehow a tease but it was also sincere. Though I can’t recall the title of the song, I still feel the feeling of being loved by my friends through that song.

In May 2014, during my birthday, my team leaders and cluster managers surprised me with a birthday party.  I was completely amazed by their efforts and attendance.  I felt the sincerity. I felt the tremendous amount of love.


May 31, 2014. During my surprised birthday party with my team leaders and cluster managers. My friends. 🙂

That night, as I looked at how happy my friends were during that party and how joyful their bursts of laughter as they sang along the karaoke, I zoned out.  I heard the ET song again and I decided to start a new chapter.

My friends were very supportive of my new journey. Each time I posted in FB pictures of me sweating and all from my workout and running, they would hit like and make inspiring comments.  They would go to my workstation and give me comments of appreciation on how I looked.  Although I knew that 8 lbs of weight loss in the first month wasn’t that much,  they made me feel like I did something huge already. I was more inspired.

My friends even supported me with my new food trips.   Gone are the days when I would feast on huge serving of pasta and rice and chicken and all that I can see. Instead, I would bring them over to eat binatog and taho.  Haha.  😀


Binatog moment in Eastwood City with some of my Team Leaders and Cluster Managers.

My healthy weight loss journey was a product of 9o% perspiration and 10% inspiration.  And true enough, my friends gave me 100% inspiration.

I am happy.