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On Manny Pacquiao and his being axed by Nike

Manny Pacquaio got axed by Nike for his stand about the gay lifestyle. He is being bullied, bashed, and whipped by many-a-local celebrity in my country who are members of the LGBT community for the stand he took on same sex marriage.


“Of Nike, whatever is their decision, that is there decision and I respect their decision.” – Manny Pacquiao

I see no issues about his stand. I support his belief. And I definitely, am not happy about Nike’s display of lack of respect on someone’s faith and belief.

I also support the LGBT community. It’s their life… their journey to take. It’s not easy for them too. It’s a long way to go for the fight to equality.

Imagine the bullying and the hate they had to experience growing up. Imagine the discrimination they have to endure throughout their lifetime. Imagine the hardships of pretending and keeping it to themselves to the point of dragging someone else to hide who they really are.

I still don’t know any of my LGBT friends who did not wish to be straight at one point of their lives. Who wants to be bullied?

I admire the courage of those who chose to come out. I also admire the resolve of those who chose to keep it to themselves.

I believe in God. And I believe in His perfection. I believe in the perfection of His design. I believe that everyone is born according to His design – straight, gay, lesbian, bi — these are just labels.

We are all born according to His design. That is not our choice. Our lifestyle is of our own design. That is our choice.

I am one with the thought that as long as we don’t purposely hurt anyone for the journey we take, we all have the right to live a happy life.

Let there be peace. Let there be acceptance. Let there be tolerance.

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