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The health benefits of not drinking milk

From an early age, I was taught that milk is an almost perfect food and that the calcium in it makes our bones stronger. Almost every night, before I sleep, I would drink a glass of refrigerated fresh milk or a glass of hot milk. It comforts me knowing that, while I was sleeping, the calcium in the milk gets working and builds and strengthens my bones. It also made me doze off faster than when I don’t drink it.  Or so I thought.

Sometime ago, in August of 2014, while I was doing my usual grocery shopping, I bumped into my Indian boss from the Indian tech company I used to work for. He noticed the liter of milk in my grocery cart and the conversation about milk was opened up. I told him how milk helped me with my health  by allowing me to sleep better and by making my bones stronger.

He smiled at me and in his customary calm demeanor, and he said “Did you know that the human adult body does not process the calcium in the milk and therefore, milk does not really make your bones stronger? I don’t drink milk.” I was stunned.

That information just contradicted the years and years of belief I had for milk.  That was enough for me to ask myself “If milk does not help me with my calcium needs and if milk is high in calorie, then why am I drinking it?” He may be right that the calcium in milk does not really get used up by the adult body.


Bear Brand powdered milk Swakto pack.  This has 33g of powdered milk, 153 calories.

Whether what my previous boss told me is true or not,  1 glass of milk (33g of pasteurized powdered milk dissolved in water) contains about 153 calories. That’s almost about 150% more calories than a glass of coffee without sugar which contains only around 2 calories.  Even more than is the whopping 815 calories of 1 glass of pasteurized fresh milk. Whoa! That’s already equivalent to 2 full meal worth of calorie intake for just 250 ml of liquid.

I weighed about 168 lbs during that time and I know that every calorie that I save means a big help in my weight loss journey.  I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese since then.  I figured that if cheese comes from milk and it has high calorie content, I might as well not eat cheese anymore.

A little research into the nutritional value of milk led me to learn that that pasteurization of milk causes the calcium contained in raw milk to be insoluble which could cause serious problems to the bones. I also learned that our bones are comprised of at least a dozen of minerals and saturating it with calcium will only cause imbalance to the bone structure consequently weakening our bones. This imbalance can also lead to other health risks such as type 2 diabetes and kidney stones.  Therefore, drinking milk is riskier to the health than not drinking it at all.

I noticed that after about a month or so of excluding milk and cheese in my diet, my allergic rhinitis stopped.  My headaches and bad sinusitis attacks also stopped. My nightly heartburn also stopped. Having bad fever became became a thing in the past. I am not certain if this was the result of not eating dairy products anymore but I am certainly happy about the progress of my health when I stopped drinking milk and stopped eating cheese.

I’m glad that I ditched milk and cheese and replaced it with coffee with 10 g of anchor unsalted butter from grass-fed cows. I also replaced cheese with peanut butter for my sandwich.  I lost a total of 52 lbs since I started my healthy weight loss journey in June 2014 when I was obese at 180 lbs.

Here are some links explaining why money spent on milk is money misspent and why milk is not healthy.

  1. http://www.pcrm.org/milk.  This talks about Health Concerns about Dairy Products.
  2. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/07/18/the-milk-myth-what-your-body-really-needs.aspx.   This talks about The Milk Myth: What Your Body Really Needs.