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Shakira makes a man want to speak Spanish

I’ve always been a Shakira fan. I wasn’t a very big fan to be honest. In fact back in the early 2000s when Shakira started to become an international name, I only heard or at least, I was only familiar to 3 of her songs.  One was the smash hit “Hips don’t lie” which she performed with Wyclef Jean.  The second song was “Underneath your clothes” which was a staple in our Karaoke session. And the other one was the 2010 World Cup theme song “Waka-waka” which had a pretty awesome beat but I never really understood the lyrics.

Although her song with Wyclef Jean was a huge success and I kept on hearing it played on the radio, I didn’t bother to listen to it completely. It was just like: okay I heard it and it’s a good beat and yeah, she’s pretty, hot, and sexy. The other song, “Underneath your clothes” was pretty decent, so I thought, and yeah everybody in my circle made it like the Karaoke national anthem.


Source:  http://www.music-any-time.com/shakira/

But just very recently, in fact, just this weekend, as I was watching music videos on YouTube, I decided to search for Shakira. I just remembered for no reason at all, the song “Waka-Waka (This time for Africa)” the 2010 World Cup theme song. And for the first time, I felt connected to the song. Whoa! It wasn’t just an excellent beat. It was in fact a fantastic dance song. Shakira became a can’t-let-go YouTube staple all of a sudden.

My entire weekend was a Shakira feast. I watched and listened to Vevo’s list of Shakira videos including of course all of the ones I already liked.  My favorite that weekend is her “Whenever Wherever”. Oh wow. The song sucked me into a world of mystics and girl power. Haha. My data provider must have noticed the sudden surge of my data usage that I got cut off from fast streaming.

The fair use policy applied on me didn’t stop me from listening to Shakira’s music. I’m even listening to her Spanish songs too. She actually sound more than awesome in her Spanish songs.  Her deep vibrato is perfect for her Spanish ballads. Her Spanish ballad “No”, is so powerful it cuts deep down to my deepest melancholy.  Haha.

Oh, how I love Shakira now. I’m a huge fan now, to be honest. Shakira dances like the wind blowing the sea waves.  She sings like her soul communicates to my every emotions.

Wyclef Jean is right to say “Shakira makes a man wanna speak Spanish!”. Oh yes. This sexy performer makes women want to speak Spanish too!

Shakira is one hot awesome. I am now a certified big fan. No doubt!