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Cheat & Run

The following calorie overloaded food and drinks, I enjoyed yesterday at Sweet Ecstasy. This is the second time that I’ve visited this gastronomic fantasy on earth. Haha.


Here’s the double cheeseburger in Ecstasy sauce.  The burn and the feel of double quarter pounder of 100% ground beef cooked  to perfection resonates in my health conscious tongue, screaming delight, and bursting with delirious sensation of delicious guilt.


And what is a burger stand experience without the ecstasy burger fries loaded with cheese,   ground beef, fresh tomatoes, crispy lettuce, oozing with sweet ecstasy sauce?



Finished off the meal with a large serving of MudPie smoothie on vanilla ice cream base and generous swirls of whipped cream.


Definitely gave me the energy to run away from the delirious guilt.  Finished off the day with a 70-minute walk, jog, run, squat, and stretch. Oh yes. I felt the burn.  😀

Thanks to my boss who brought me back to Sweet Ecstasy. Saraaap!


PS.  I don’t advocate feasting too much on food that are not very ideal of healthy lifestyle. But, heck. Try Sweet Ecstasy at 10 Jupiter Street, Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City Contact: 0916-594 -1229.

Just run afterwards and feel the burn. 😀



And since it rained

I prepared for a 1-hour walk and run around the neighborhood today. I got all geared up with my pink go run and my gray and black top. And then it rained. Whoa! Rain in the middle of the hot season here in our tropical country.

I needed to exercise today. I always walk and run every Sunday.  I need to do something else.

I remembered that workout video shared in her FB page by one of the coaches in the gym. The video was about some easy core exercises. I decided to check it out and work out right there in my room.   Wow!  Turns out that the exercises were pretty intense. I got drenched all over.   In just 20 minutes of core exercises, it seemed like I got drenched in the rain.  lol.

I love this routine. I’m definitely going to do this routine at least 5x a week for the next 30-days.  My abdomen is now at 35.5 in coming from 43 in 9 months ago.   With the 5x a week core exercises that I am now doing for the next 30-days, my goal is to shrink my abdomen down to 33 inches by April 22, 2015 and drop it further to 30 inches by May 22, 2015.

I am now 136.8 lbs coming from 143 lbs in February 17, 2015 and 180 lbs in June 2014.  With the new routines I’m doing, I’m looking forward to dropping more unwanted weight and by April 22, 2015 I shall be down to 132 lbs.   By May 2015, I shall meet my personal target of 127 lbs.

This video truly rocks.  Two repetitions of the entire 10 min video is all that I needed to drench in sweat. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1651682521721531&set=vb.1592232187666565&type=2&theater


Exercise is just amazing.  Let’s get this going. 🙂