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The 3 best tropical fruits that will melt those fats, fast!

It’s all about calories!

Calories are the units of energy that the body needs to fuel your bodily function. Excess calories are stored by your body as fats. You wouldn’t want excess calories if you want to slim down or if you want to maintain your current weight.

If you want to lose weight, you take in less calories than what your body needs for the day. Your body automatically uses stored calories from your body fat to fuel your bodily function when it cannot access free calories from other source. This in effect causes your body to burn those fats! Too easy.

But who wants to starve? That pain in the stomach when you are starving? That stomach ulcer that happens when starving happens too often. Ugh. Certainly not I. Starving doesn’t feel too good.

So don’t starve. Eat a lot. Eat right.

Those Yummy Tropical Fruits

Fruits is the best food to indulge when you want to lose those unwanted flabs. You can eat a lot to your heart’s content without having to worry about getting fat. Fruits are high in fiber, high in micronutrients, and low in calorie. Oh, that’s heaven for me who likes eating a lot but who doesn’t want to grow too fat again.

Yes, I was obese at 180 lbs packed in my petite 5ft and 3in frame. But not anymore. I am now happy with my 125 to 127 lbs weight range. I lost all those 55 lbs without starving!

Today, I am going to share to you the 3 best tropical fruits that I eat a lot which helped me in my 55 lbs healthy weight loss journey.

1. Pineapples

This sweet high-fiber fruit consisting of multiple coalesced berries is absolutely heaven for those who wants to eat a lot without the guilt.  1 cup of fresh ripe pineapples is only 82 calories. Heck. I can eat 2 cups of ripe pineapples in one seating and be totally stuffed. Yet, I am only consuming 164 calories for that.


This tropical queen-of-a-fruit is uber delicious. Yummy! I love it for breakfast together with a cup of coffee and a piece of boiled egg.

Pineapples is not just good for your diet because of its high-fiber and low calorie content. This is also loaded with a ridiculous amount of micronutrients. It’s high in manganese, a micronutrient needed by bodily enzymes to work their wonders. It helps your body absorbs calcium and helps it form connective tissues and bones. And it also helps your body form sex hormones.

Pineapples also contains good amount of Vitamin B6 which counters skin problems and anemia; has high amount of Vitamins C, an antioxidant that helps your body fights off infections and diseases as well as protects the cells from damage. It also contains high amount of Vitamin B1 which fights off beri-beri.

2. Papaya

Some claims that Papaya is the world’s healthiest food. It is difficult to refute this claim as Papaya is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. It contains high amount of dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, panthothenic acid, and copper. It also contains good amount of Vitamin E.

The papaya’s dietary fiber is known to be able to bind colon cancer-causing toxins and flushes them out from the body. The papaya’s Vitamin A and Vitamin C contents help the body fights off common diseases such as colds, flu, and ear diseases.  Also, being rich in Vitamin C, papaya is fantastic in fighting off Rheumatic Diseases.

Papaya has high water content and dietary fiber content. This fruit stays in your digestive system longer causing you to fill full longer too. Consequently, you do not get hungry too easily and your craving for food is cut down.


Source: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/fruit/health-benefits-of-papaya.html

This fruit contains even lower calories than Pineapples. It only has 62 calories per cup of ripe papaya cubes. Eat 2 cups of papaya for your afternoon snacks and you are only consuming 124 calories.

Compare that with 1 piece of Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut which has 160 calories. That piece of doughnut will make you crave for another piece. And if you give in you are practically eating more than double the calories of 2 cups of papaya.

So have a cup of papaya daily (even two!) and melt those flabs away!

3. Banana

A medium-sized ripe banana which is about 118 g only contains 105 calories. Omaygulay! That is a total caloric bargain for a fruit packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Eat 1 piece of banana for breakfast and 1 piece of boiled egg (100 g only contains about 155 calories) and drink a cup of coffee with 10g unsalted butter (74 calories) on it. Whoa! Your breakfast is a healthy 329 calories only. If you are on a 1300 calorie per day diet, you still have 971 calories left for the day. What a caloric treat!

The banana berry is high in potassium, a mineral that is necessary for the body to carry many of its metabolic functions. Potassium drop can cause your muscles to contract. And calling it bad doesn’t make it better.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana#/media/File:Bananas_white_background_DS.jpg

But one banana a day, keeps the doctor away.

A few years ago while I was training a group of bakery staff in one of the franchise bakeshops of the bakery company I worked for years ago my leg muscles cramped and I dropped to the floor. I couldn’t stand up. Everything happened so quickly right there in front of my trainees.

I dialed our company nurse and I explained to her the situation. She told me to have someone bring me a banana. She explained that what I may be experiencing that time could be a potassium drop. True enough, a few minutes after I ate that piece of ripe banana, I felt fine again and back on my feet. Ah! The wonder that which is banana!

The banana is also high in Vitamin B6 which aids in liver detoxification, Vitamin C, Biotin, Copper, Manganese, and dietary fiber. Need I say more?


In Summary

If you are planning to load your grocery baskets with fruits, head over to the tropical fruits section. Fill your basket with the 3 best tropical fruits that will not only help you melt your fats fast but will also give you lots of those necessary micronutrients that will keep you fit and healthy.

And remember, one banana a day keeps the doctor away!

But if the doctor is McDreamy? Uh hum.


Source: http://www.pretty52.com/articles/hot-doctors-that-ll-make-you-want-to-get-ill

And hey. If you are interested to shed off your unwanted fats without starving and stretching yourself a bit too far, I wrote a book exactly just that.

It’s a book that will show the secrets of how I changed from 180 lbs to 125 lbs healthy woman. It’s The Asian Diet Secret. Visit me here.


Make yourself sexy with this liquid condiment

Not too long ago, I have been called so many names. Not too flattering names in fact.

I was called “Baboy”, the Filipino word for pig and I was called other demeaning names in reference to how big I was.

One day while visiting a friend’s Facebook wall where he posted one of my photos we took near our office, one of his Facebook friends wrote in the comments section with the word “Balyena” the Filipino word for a whale.

Yes, being called those names in reference to my being fat, did not help me with my self-esteem. Truth be told. Those names hurt. Ouch!

But, those were a thing of the past now.

The wheels have turned!


From 180 lbs to 125 lbs 

Today, I get more reassuring comments each time I post photos of myself on my wall. And I always get comments asking how I shed off the fat. I also get private messages asking me what my secret is.

Of course I always gladly oblige. I am happy to share to my friends how I melted 53 lbs in 11 months of my weight loss journey. And not just that. I’ve managed to keep my figure in shape now, effortlessly.

My favorite Fat-melting condiment

Vinegar.  This mouth-watering condiment with all its sour flavor is getting rave in the weight-loss community. The most popular type among those who are aspiring to lose weight and those who want to maintain their sexy shape is the Apple-Cider Vinegar.

But Apple-Cider Vinegar is relatively costly and it doesn’t taste as good as my favorite vinegar when used for cooking and for dipping.


Source: http://authoritynutrition.com/6-proven-health-benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar/

My favorites are those vinegar made from cane and from coconut. This type of vinegar has the right sour taste for cooking my favorite protein dishes. This is also perfect for dipping fried fish, poultry, and meat.

datu puti

Source: http://www.nutriasia.com/products/productdetail/datuputi&l=0

What is in the vinegar that helps you lose weight?

Vinegar increases satiety which results to reduction in the amount of food that you take. Vinegar lowers blood sugar and insulin level which results to the decreased craving for more food.

For instance, during breakfast, I would have a medium piece of fried galunggong (mackerel scad) and 3 pieces of 20-g pan-de-sal and a cup of coffee. I enjoy it with cane vinegar dip of about 3 tablespoons (9 calories only!). The taste is so good that my focus is in enjoying the entire piece of fish. I feel full afterwards that my next meal will be about 5 or 6 hours later already.

Dr. Mercola, wrote in www.mercola.com an article which highlighted a study in which those who ate high-carb meal but consumed small amount of vinegar with it, ate less food throughout the day compared to those who did not have vinegar. The study showed a reduction of about 200-275 calories among those who consumed vinegar.

Given that range of calorie reduction, in a month, you would have a healthy weight loss of about 1.5 lbs without doing exercise!

Take that!

Vinegar makes you look younger

Oh yea. When I was still fat, I looked considerably older than my age. Now, some of new acquaintances always mistake me for someone in the late 20s or in the early 30s. Haha. Flattering.

Vinegar helped me achieve this through its anti-oxidant properties. The antioxidants in vinegar removes free radicals that causes oxidative stress and inhibits oxidations that can cause you to age faster. Because of the antioxidants in vinegar such as catechin and chlorogenic acids, your skin can have better glow making you look younger.

Vinegar controls diabetes

Years before I changed my lifestyle, my doctor told me I was already borderline diabetic. That said, if I didn’t control my food intake and the type of food I eat, I would become diabetic.

Last year, during my medical check-up, the talk about diabetes didn’t even come up!

A study published by the American Diabetes Association showed that vinegar helped insulin-resistant diabetics (type 2 diabetic) raise their sensitivity to insulin. Their conditions improve by taking 2 tablespoons of vinegar before going to sleep.

I love vinegar

Each time I eat and vinegar is available, I would always have it.

I would replace fried chicken gravy dip with vinegar. I would replace catsup with vinegar. I would even put vinegar in my soup.

And I just love it.




From Fat to Fab: How I lost 25 kgs fast

The image of my obese and sickly 81.81kg-self back in June 2014 is still on my head. It’s still vivid.

It used to make me so awkward and lowered my self-esteem. I always wanted to lose those unnecessary fat, fast.


Me in April 2014 with my favorite Aeropostale shirt.

It was impossible to fit in the clothes that I want.   I wanted to look fab too but I couldn’t. I always had to settle with what fits instead.  I would end up buying slacks and blouses that I would outgrow in just a few months. Heck! In my peak, my clothes sizes were 3xl and 4L. Wearing those clothes made me look older than my age.

It was also a pain riding in the FX, a transportation in the Philippines where a 3-seat row is packed with 4 people. And those FX seatmates would look at me as if I caused everyone to be packed too tight causing their discomfort!

“Common, I paid for this seat too. Stare at the driver for packing all 4 of us here. Don’t look at me.” I always wished I could give them a little sarcasm. “Hello, were you not taught that it’s really rude to stare?”


My photo of me taken 4 days ago during our Sunday night hangout with friends.

It’s all a thing in the past now. I have successfully achieved my goal of shedding off 25kg of unnecessary fat. From an 81.81kg awkward and obese woman, I am now 56.6kg.  And my clothes size is no longer 3xl. It is now size small.

And yes, I’m more confident with myself now too. And happier.

Of course some of my friends and acquaintances would ask me what pills I took or if I took some special diet drinks and teas.  No way! I didn’t do that and I don’t plan to do that either. And so when I told them what I did, they are all too surprised.

Here are 4 tricks which I did to lose 25 kg of unnecessary weight and prevent them from coming back

1. Drink lots of cold water.  Yes. And I mean cold water not hot or lukewarm water.  It takes 9.5 calories more to burn cold water than its counterpart at room temperature. It’s a trick to make our body burn more calories for us even if all we did is just drink water.

I drink at least a glass of cold water in the morning right after I wake up. It’s refreshing and makes me feeling full. Aside from that, it hydrates and flushes toxins out of my body. All throughout the day I drink at least 6 glasses (about 1.4 L) of cold water.

2) Drink a cup of Zero sugar coffee with unsalted butter every morning.  I put 10 g of unsalted butter to my customary cup of morning coffee. Although I am not obsessed with what brand of butter that is, I have been loyal to Anchor Butter, a brand that comes from New Zealand because their cows are grass-fed. Haha. I support organic products too.

For only 72 calories all in my cup of coffee and thanks to the good fat in the butter,  I enjoy full-bodied coffee which makes me feel full for about 5 hours. Yes, with a cup of this mix, and at least I can last the whole of my morning without any cravings for other food. And I don’t feel hungry either.

But because I am a proponent of no skipping breakfast, I always have at most 4 pieces of 20-g pan de sal too. Or I would have a piece of apple or a small solo-sized pineapple for breakfast.

3. Eat veggies and meat for lunch.  The macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates, and fat –  are necessary for our body to carry its normal functions. Aside from their major functions, they are also needed for our body to absorb and use certain vitamins and minerals. That said, my lunch will always have vegetables and meat, poultry, or fish. And of course, I drink at least a glass of cold water with it too.


My typical lunch. It always has mixed vegies and I pair it with either meat, poultry, or fish.

4. Eat lots of fresh fruits.  My favorites are pineapples, apples, banana, pears, and watermelon. They are a regular in my fridge and on my table. These fruits are high in fiber and low in calories. A cup (165 g) of chunk fresh pineapple for example only have 82 calories. And 1 large apple of about 223 g only has 116 calories.

You can eat until you are full without to worry about packing too much calories. And to top that, you would notice your skin will acquire a different kind of beautiful glow.

The results

Of course I did not lose all 25 kgs in a matter of 10 days.  I had to do it the right and healthy way. I lost about 6 – 9 lbs of weight each month in the first few months then it stabilized at around 5 lbs every month. I made it to 128 lbs in April 2015 coming from 180 lbs in June 2014. That’s 11 months from when I started my healthy weight loss journey.

You can make it too. Remember: Obesity is not a life sentence.

Being fit and fab is totally in your hands!


The health benefits of not drinking milk

From an early age, I was taught that milk is an almost perfect food and that the calcium in it makes our bones stronger. Almost every night, before I sleep, I would drink a glass of refrigerated fresh milk or a glass of hot milk. It comforts me knowing that, while I was sleeping, the calcium in the milk gets working and builds and strengthens my bones. It also made me doze off faster than when I don’t drink it.  Or so I thought.

Sometime ago, in August of 2014, while I was doing my usual grocery shopping, I bumped into my Indian boss from the Indian tech company I used to work for. He noticed the liter of milk in my grocery cart and the conversation about milk was opened up. I told him how milk helped me with my health  by allowing me to sleep better and by making my bones stronger.

He smiled at me and in his customary calm demeanor, and he said “Did you know that the human adult body does not process the calcium in the milk and therefore, milk does not really make your bones stronger? I don’t drink milk.” I was stunned.

That information just contradicted the years and years of belief I had for milk.  That was enough for me to ask myself “If milk does not help me with my calcium needs and if milk is high in calorie, then why am I drinking it?” He may be right that the calcium in milk does not really get used up by the adult body.


Bear Brand powdered milk Swakto pack.  This has 33g of powdered milk, 153 calories.

Whether what my previous boss told me is true or not,  1 glass of milk (33g of pasteurized powdered milk dissolved in water) contains about 153 calories. That’s almost about 150% more calories than a glass of coffee without sugar which contains only around 2 calories.  Even more than is the whopping 815 calories of 1 glass of pasteurized fresh milk. Whoa! That’s already equivalent to 2 full meal worth of calorie intake for just 250 ml of liquid.

I weighed about 168 lbs during that time and I know that every calorie that I save means a big help in my weight loss journey.  I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese since then.  I figured that if cheese comes from milk and it has high calorie content, I might as well not eat cheese anymore.

A little research into the nutritional value of milk led me to learn that that pasteurization of milk causes the calcium contained in raw milk to be insoluble which could cause serious problems to the bones. I also learned that our bones are comprised of at least a dozen of minerals and saturating it with calcium will only cause imbalance to the bone structure consequently weakening our bones. This imbalance can also lead to other health risks such as type 2 diabetes and kidney stones.  Therefore, drinking milk is riskier to the health than not drinking it at all.

I noticed that after about a month or so of excluding milk and cheese in my diet, my allergic rhinitis stopped.  My headaches and bad sinusitis attacks also stopped. My nightly heartburn also stopped. Having bad fever became became a thing in the past. I am not certain if this was the result of not eating dairy products anymore but I am certainly happy about the progress of my health when I stopped drinking milk and stopped eating cheese.

I’m glad that I ditched milk and cheese and replaced it with coffee with 10 g of anchor unsalted butter from grass-fed cows. I also replaced cheese with peanut butter for my sandwich.  I lost a total of 52 lbs since I started my healthy weight loss journey in June 2014 when I was obese at 180 lbs.

Here are some links explaining why money spent on milk is money misspent and why milk is not healthy.

  1. http://www.pcrm.org/milk.  This talks about Health Concerns about Dairy Products.
  2. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/07/18/the-milk-myth-what-your-body-really-needs.aspx.   This talks about The Milk Myth: What Your Body Really Needs.

How my twin lost 9 lbs in 30 days

Jen is definitely on track.  After 30-days through her healthy weight loss journey, she has already shed off 9 lbs of unwanted weight. From 205 lbs in March 9, 2015, she is now 196 lbs.


This is my twin in May 2014.  She was 190 lbs.  10 months later, she packed in 15 lbs more and grew to be 205 lbs.

3 months through my enrollment in the gym, Jen was convinced to enroll in the same gym I go to.  She had a strong start and she was definitely having fun.  However, she got caught up with her work as a manager in a BPO company and she was not able to consistently do her gym sessions.  Finally in January 2015, she dropped the gym and went on with her daily life.

Just 1 month ago, Jen and I met at Go Salads, a green salad bar in Eastwood. While enjoying each of our serving of green jeepney smoothie made up of lettuce, pineapple, and some almonds, our catch up detoured to a conversation about my weight loss.  She told me that she was completely inspired by my transformation from an obese class 1  to a healthy 134 lbs woman. She listened to my story.

That same day, I gave her a short session on understanding calories of the food she eats.  I also encouraged her to start a healthy weight loss journey with me which includes eating real food only and drinking only water at least 2 L per day.I told her that if she would follow through the tips I am giving her, she would definitely lose 8 – 10 lbs in 30 days.

Jen started to change her grocery list and started to buy real food.  She used to be a big fan of processed food such as hotdogs, bacon, and spam.  But since then, she has said yes only to real food. She would send me photos of her breakfast, her lunch, and her dinner.  She would enjoy her vegetable and eat her fruits,  steamed chicken, fish, and beef and snack on controlled portions of nuts and banana.


Jen’s steamed cauliflower and carrot dinner.

She would also drink coffee with 10 g of Anchor unsalted butter in the morning during her breakfast. This coffee concoction suppresses her cravings to eat more food and makes her feel full a little longer until her lunch time 5 hours later.  She enjoys eating sweet potato too.


This is my twin, from 205 lbs in March 9, 2015 to 196 lbs 30 days later.

Jen’s healthy weight loss journey doesn’t stop with eating the right kind of food. She also takes time walking for at least 30 minutes 3x a week.  Either she would go out with her music and walk or she enjoys her walk pushing her niece’s stroller.


Jen with her niece, Katnese, enjoying her afternoon walk. 

“Twin, now that I’ve started this healthy weight loss journey.  There is no turning back.” Jen declared with her eyes beaming with determination.

She is definitely on a roll. And she is loving it.   😀

How my friends walked with me through my healthy weight loss journey

Today, I lost a total of 46 lbs in 9.5 months.  From 180 lbs in June 2014, I am now down to 134 lbs. Yes, I feel lighter, nimbler, more agile.


After workout with Coach Priestess.  She led me through an intense glute-targeted workout.  It was fun.

For a long time, I was inside a 180 lbs shell.  For my 5ft and 3in frame, I was obese class 1. I was suffering with health-related illnesses. I had difficulty sleeping each night due to heartburn.  I always had daily allergic rhinitis attacks that would escalate to flu. I snored terribly loud that I would wake up hearing the sound of it.   And my woman cycle was terribly irregular, in fact at its worst, I only had 4 visits in a year.  Whoa!

A few days before my birthday, while I was having lunch with one of my friends, I read the lyrics of that song from ET.  It was the first time that I read the lyrics and I was shot into burst of tears that wouldn’t stop.  Haha.  That was a very painful song that today, I couldn’t even remember the title of the song.


Some of my leads serenading me with the ET song back in June 2014.

But that song made me felt loved too.  The moment I came back to my workstation that night after almost 16 hours of work, some of my team leaders serenaded me with that song.  Haha. I know it was somehow a tease but it was also sincere. Though I can’t recall the title of the song, I still feel the feeling of being loved by my friends through that song.

In May 2014, during my birthday, my team leaders and cluster managers surprised me with a birthday party.  I was completely amazed by their efforts and attendance.  I felt the sincerity. I felt the tremendous amount of love.


May 31, 2014. During my surprised birthday party with my team leaders and cluster managers. My friends. 🙂

That night, as I looked at how happy my friends were during that party and how joyful their bursts of laughter as they sang along the karaoke, I zoned out.  I heard the ET song again and I decided to start a new chapter.

My friends were very supportive of my new journey. Each time I posted in FB pictures of me sweating and all from my workout and running, they would hit like and make inspiring comments.  They would go to my workstation and give me comments of appreciation on how I looked.  Although I knew that 8 lbs of weight loss in the first month wasn’t that much,  they made me feel like I did something huge already. I was more inspired.

My friends even supported me with my new food trips.   Gone are the days when I would feast on huge serving of pasta and rice and chicken and all that I can see. Instead, I would bring them over to eat binatog and taho.  Haha.  😀


Binatog moment in Eastwood City with some of my Team Leaders and Cluster Managers.

My healthy weight loss journey was a product of 9o% perspiration and 10% inspiration.  And true enough, my friends gave me 100% inspiration.

I am happy.

How to be successful

I’ve read somewhere in FB a meme that says “The first step to becoming successful is to make mistakes.” This meme totally sounds like an encouraging idea.  It sounds like a logical declaration of a universal truth.

I would say however, that the first step to becoming successful is not in making mistakes.

The first step to becoming successful is to dream.

Dreams define your goals.  Your goals become your reason to achieving something.  Achieving that something is your success.

I dreamed of losing considerable weight from a bulky 180-lb 5ft and 3in woman to a lady whose weight is in the healthy weight range.    Back in June 2014, I dreamed of weighing 135 lbs by March 2015.  Some of my friends and colleagues didn’t believe that I can make it.  Still I continued to dream.

That dream has caused me to plan steps on how to achieve my goal. I enrolled in the gym, I donned my running shoes, I changed my eating habits.

As of March 21, 2015 I already lost 43 lbs and I now weigh 136.8 lbs.  I am definitely on track of my dream of weighing 135 lbs by end of March 2015. I am only about 2 lbs away from achieving that dream.

I have a new dream now.  I dream of losing more unnecessary weight and to be at 121 lbs by June 2015.   That is a total of 59 lbs of weight loss on the anniversary month of when I first started to workout and control the type and portions of food that I eat.

To achieve this dream, I am doing Core workout for 10-20 min per day, walk & run  for 30 min to 1 hour at least 3x a week, workout in the gym at least 2x per week, and eat real food at the right time and of the right portions.   This will not just cut down my weight but it will also tone my muscles and strengthen my core.

In order to be successful,  I strongly recommend that you start dreaming.

Yes.  Keep on dreaming. 🙂